Thursday, March 27, 2008

We have visitors tonight...

Our friend from Denver came here tonight. They came from Arizona to spend spring time vacation there and before they drive home to Denver, they decided to drove by in our house and say hi to us. They didn't stay too long, just about 3 hours. We have dinner together with them, we just order pizza so that i dont need to cook for tonight. We talk and have fun together. It was fun though because its been a year that we never seen them. They live in Denver and everytime we go to Denver, we stay at their house and spend time with them. It was so nice to see them again, they are close friends of ours. They are good family, Jim is Mike's co-worker before but when they move to Denver and we moved here in Grand Junction, so thats the time that they are not working together anymore but they still keep in touch together through phone calls. They are our witness when Mike and I get married. Wish they stay overnight here but they choose to drive home. Well.. its okay hope they will have a safe trip for tonight. Its kind a late to drive going back to Denver though. We will just pray for their safeness and happy trip. Hope to see them again when we go to Denver. :-)

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