Friday, July 30, 2010

medical teaching course...

I was chatting with my high school classmate on facebook two days ago and I just find out that he is a highschool teacher in one of the University in Davao. Well, It doesn’t surprised me because I know he will be a good teacher someday. He is very smart, actually he is the top one in our class. He is happily married too and want to pursue the Masteral.

Since he is a teacher now, maybe I could recommend him this teach the teacher course at If you want to be a Doctor and want to take a medical teaching course, this might be the perfect website for you to visit! They also offer teach the teacher course for Doctors and you can save £100.00 if you take this course. They have a lot to offer, Oxfort Medical Training Products are available at their website including the medical teaching course for doctors. If medical teaching course for doctors is right for you then you better grab this opportunity and enroll now at Oxford Medical!


These are my cutie kiddos. Dana is 17 months old and Dustin is 4 years old! Time went by so fast! They are growing! Love them both! They are my happines and they make my life more happier!


What do you prefer? watching circus, live concerts or watching your favorite sports live or on TV? There’s a big difference if you watch it live because you can feel the tense and you can see a lot of people watching. If you watch it at home, you can still feel the excitement but its really different when you see it personally.

Anyhow, I never seen live circus and live sports game. Except the live concerts because when I was in the Philippines, my friends invited me to watch live concerts or live talk show every weekend. I get used to it and I see my friends dancing at the stage. It was really fun watching it live because there’s no advertisement unlike on TV you can always see the advertisement.

Talking about live sports game, circus and live concerts. You can’t enter without tickets right? Tickets is important. No tickets then you are not allow to watch the show! So if you are looking for FENWAY PARK TICKETS, TANGLEWOOD TICKETS and TD BANKNORTH GARDEN TICKETS then you better visit and get the tickets in the Hot Venues area.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Translation services

When I came here in the United States, I really make a lot of adjustment. I need to learn more about their culture here, get used to the weather, the people, the new place, need to learn more especially their language. Well, I really don’t have problem understanding English because we have English subject and that’s our primary subject in the Philippines. I meet new people here from American, Asian, Mexican, Black people and they talk differently. Good thing because I talk 3 languages and I know little bit of Spanish. Sometimes it’s hard to understand them especially when they talk fast. My friend recommended me the translation services that he found online at They offer a professional translation services. Their language translation services is easy to use and you can learn fast too.

It’s not easy to get the right translation agency. I knew some of them but I never tried them before. I saw some Chinese people here in Grand Junction area and they talk their native language most of the time. I also talk with my native language when I talk with my co-Filipino friends. So if you having problem translating other languages, then I think it’s time for you to get a professional translation help from!

Before going to meeting...

I bet we are too early to go in the meeting but I didn't say anything to my husband because he was already in the car and ready to go. When we get there, there's nobody in the Hall, we are 30 minutes early. So we drive back home and wait for another 15 minutes and while we're waiting I was thinking to take a picture of us since we are in our nice meeting clothes. Mike don't want to be in the picture, he is kind a hesitate but it's okay, next time we will took a family photos of us together. So here are the pics I took before we went to the meeting!

rain barrels...

Way back in the Philippines in the province where my grand father live, I was so young that time and I remember that me and my cousins play at the rain barrels. My grand father put rain water barrels in the back of our yard for us to play and also to save water. The water they get from the rain, they used it to water the garden. I missed those times, it was a long time ago, I can’t even remember the face of my cousins out there. The time will come, if we could go back to our province, I will absolutely bring my mom. My mom will love to go back in Bohol. We will take a week vacation to visit my relatives.

Anyhow, talking about rain barrels. The has this very pretty rain barrels for sale. They also has rain barrels tank and accessories. This are the ultimate source for all types of rain barrels. It’s 30 day no hassle return and 110% low price protection before or after a purchase. So if you are looking for rain barrels for rain harvesting. You better check out their website and find the one you like!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Spenco footwear

I was browsing footwear online, I love looking all those beautiful shoes. I am worried about the price because I really don’t want to spend much for shoes or other things like clothing, jewelries and accessories. I want to make it sure that it’s worth to pay all the items I will buy online. I been shopping online this past few days and receive the items. So far I am pretty satisfied with it, I was thinking to buy a nice pair of shoes next month using my paypal. While I’m browsing footwear, I came across this website at They offer a free shipping on all orders over $60 at their Spenco Insoles. They have great  footwear selection made of leather. That’s what I like! Can't wait to get one! You better get yours too and visit their website for more footwear selections.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Black and Gray suit!

The moment I been waiting for! At last I got it! I just received the package this afternoon. I thought the package will be shipped tomorrow afternoon but it was early as I expected. This is the suit I ordered online at They always amazed me with their clothing style. I like the fabric very comfortable. Its cute and it fits me perfectly! How do I look? hehe :-)

No doub't I will make another order next week when I get my earnings from my paypal. Thanks to! Their clothing is very affordable and they have great selections of all clothing and accessories. So you better try it and visit their website now!

mens sunglasses

It was very hot today, I don’t like this kind of weather. But the weather here is better than in the Philippines where I grow up. I like it more dry than sweaty. That way I don’t need to take a shower two times a day. When it’s too hot, we better take our sunglasses right away to protect our eyes from the hot sun. I lost my sunglasses 4 times. I think this is my 4th sunglasses, I am very careless when it comes to sunglasses but since I have a new one, I try to taking care with it and try not to lose it again.

My husband has this aviator style mens sunglasses and it was really nice. It bends and it looks good to him. I like it when he wear it. He mostly put it in the car so that he can wear it anywhere he go. Last week I broke one of his sunglasses and I’m glad he didn’t get mad. It was an accident, It just fell and I didn’t catch it. Well, he don’t need to worry so much about his sunglasses because we can get a new one at They have great selections of mens sunglasses. Their 2010 new arrivals men’s sunglasses are very affordable. So if you are looking for men’s sunglasses, I will absolutely recommend Visit now and get your sunglasses that meets your budget and style!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

spice racks...

Every Saturday, I prepare a simple dinner for my family. Mostly on weekends, I make a bean dip. I use a lot of spices and my husband loves it. This bean dip recipe is very easy. You can eat it with tortilla chips or wrap it like a burrito. I am not crazy on Mexican Food but when I eat burrito in one of the family Mexican Restaurant here in Grand Junction area. It interest me to make burrito for lunch or dinner. Anyhow, while I was cooking bean dip last night, I was having hard time finding the spices. I know I put it in one place but when I look in the spices cabinet, it wasn’t there.

Well, wish we had a spice rack to put all our spices. That way I never had hard time finding the spices I need for cooking. We went to the store for grocery shopping and look for spice racks but they don’t have any. We need to go to the store where they sell all this kitchen spice racks. I also search it online and I bumped to this website while I’m searching for a wall spice rack. They really had great selections of spice racks. I like the carousel spice racks and 16 jars racks. It makes all the spices organized. How about you? which one you like? Organized your spices using this spice racks from!

New photos - me and the kids

This photo taken yesterday. We're getting ready to have lunch at the Mall. We also let the kids play at the mall playground. Kids are having fun and it was a nice day!

Friday, July 23, 2010

custom computers

My husband bought me a laptop last year. This is a gift for our anniversary. I was very surprised and at the same time very happy because at last I will have my own computer. I don’t need to use the desktop and wait him to finish his games before I get online. Now, I can get online anytime I want and talk to my family and friends almost everyday. My friend also want to have her own. She just waiting this summer and since she wants to buy computer, I recommended her Howard custom computers. Their custom computers is very affordable. You can also buy the custom laptop for only $504.15. That way she can get idea on what computer or laptop she would buy.

I would love to customized my laptop too and upgrade it. We just add the security alert for viruses and spywares so I am sure my laptop will be safe for all the viruses. So I just hope my friend can find what she’s looking for. She would be very happy if she got her own computer then we can communicate online through chatting. That would be nice isn’t it?

Next Order...

This is the item I ordered at last 2 days ago. They will shipped it this coming tuesday July 27th around 4:30pm. Isn't that lovely? Lovely as well the model wearing those cute outfit. This might fit me really well, because I am slim and petite just like the model above. I can't wait to receive it next week. Will keep you updated if I receive the item. :-)

drug treatment

Is there any member of your family has problem into drugs? Drug addiction is a serious matter. It can affect your whole life, your health, your family and love ones. I’m just thankful that I didn’t end up taking drugs when I was in high school or in my college days. I have some friends that been taking drugs long time ago and I never seen them for a long time too. I stop communicating with them because I know they are not a good influence to me. I don’t want to be like them and I really don’t want to make my mom worried about me.

My cousin also into drugs and she’s been into prison 3-4 times. I bet she already learned her lesson. I heard so many problems like this and guess what? most of them undergo drug treatment and it helps them a lot. Their life changed and they get their life back. If you can’t help your love ones to stop using drugs and drinking alcohol? then why not take them into drug rehab or alcohol treatment center?

Being addicted to alcohol is not good. This is like drugs, it can ruin your life. Just like my father, he is addicted to alcohol and that’s the reason he got sick and die. If he is still alive right now, I would make it sure that he can get a good alcohol treatment or take him in alcohol rehab. This might help him to stop drinking and get his life back.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

price of gold charts

What will be the price of gold for the next coming years? You think it will increase? I saw the gold price charts at and it seems like the gold prices are pretty good! It cost $1185.50. You can make a big profit in Gold. This is a good investment too.

People get hesitate to buy gold because of the economy but most people who already has fortune, they can exchange their cash into gold. If you still hesitant to buy gold, you need to request a free gold guide to help you decide whether its time to buy gold at this time or not. It’s your choice!

There are 8 reasons to own gold: a history of holding its value, weakness of the U.S. Dollar, inflation, geopolitical uncertainty, supply constrains, increasing demand and portfolio diversification. You can find more gold investing information and gold in the news at the said website above. To know where the spot gold or gold spot is set, visit and don’t forget your free gold guide!

Surprise gift...

Look what my husband give to me, its a karaoke! I was very surprise, he came home and bought me this Portable Digital Karaoke. Our old karaoke still working but were not using it that much because the microphone doesnt work. This one looks nice, it has 250 songs with lyrics display. Can't wait to sing karaoke tonight!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Avista Resort

I mentioned in my other blogs about how amazing the resorts in Myrtle Beach is. It’s a perfect place to stay for a vacation with your love ones, friends and family. They have a lot to offer! You can choose one of the best Myrtle Beach hotel and one of them is the Avista Resort. What makes Avista different to other resorts? They provides its guest with outstanding opportunities to experience the best memory laden vacations. Avista as one of the North Myrtle Beach’s leading oceanfront resorts. The Grand Strand is the #1 Family Beach! If you are planning to take your family to a memorable exciting vacation? I assure you that Myrtle Beach is one of the best. You won’t never regret it!

My friend from North Carolina inviting us to come there but since we are out of budget this year, I am not sure if we can take a week vacation this year. It’s hard when you don’t have enough budget to go for vacation. But hopefully next year we can. We starting saving our money and hope for the best!

Planning for vacation needs time and money. It’s nice if you take about 2-3 weeks vacation to make sure that you enjoy every moment of it. Just having fun and try to enjoy the place. At Avista resorts, you can also enjoy playing golf! They have amazing golf coarse view. To find out the rates and availability, visit

Online Trading

Stock Trading is not my thing but my husband does. I remember before when he told me that he join the Online Trading and bought Stock in that site. I saw him check his IRA accounts once in a while and see if the stock increasing. I forgot the name of that site but anyway talking about Online trading, I came across this website at, they offer free trades for 30 days. Their stock trades start for only $6.95 and the transfer to firstrade is free. See the special offers? it said for limited time only that Firstrade will rebate your account transfer fee charged by another Online Broker for up to $100. Isn’t that a great deal? If you want to receive online investing newsletter, all you have to do is sign up.

One more thing, if you refer your friends you can earn $50. So it’s time to open an account today at and tell all your friends! The more friends you invite, the more you can earn! To learn more about their service, I urged you to visit Firstrade.

run out...

Yay, I look inside the fridge and look for a meat to cook for dinner tonight and I see there's no more meat! I better get ready and go to the store and buy some. I want to have a healthy food tonight for dinner so I decided to cook a pork with cabbage. Very simple but healthy. My husband loves it. I also need to run to Filipino store because I ran out of century tuna! Tuna is my favorite especially century tuna because they have lot of flavor. I love the afritada, guisado and adobo flavor. Since it's too hot out, It's not good to bring Cocao with us. It's not good to leave the dog inside the car when it's very hot. I told my husband if it's okay but he say "no". So I leave our dog in the house and go with my kids. Hope they have stocks for century tuna and bihon guisado :-) Will see!

Monday, July 19, 2010

home security system

Safety in the house is what my husband and I concern especially that we have two toddlers in the house. My husband show me how to turn on and off the smoke alarm. I have problem sometimes in forgetting something especially when I cook in the kitchen. One time I cook rice and then I left and went outside to play the kids and I forgot the rice that I am cooking. After few minutes I just heard the smoke alarm is ringing very loud. My rice is burned and I am really scared thinking those big smoke coming. That was two years ago, now I am making sure that I turn off the stove before I go out. This year also, both of our cars got a flat tires. Not only our cars but also all the cars in our neighborhood. That was terrible! No wonder most of our neighbor get a home security system.

Anyhow, last two weeks ago there’s a guy knocking the door and he is offering me this home security system. He explain me everything about how it works and how we can be feel safe using their service. He showed me how easy the installation is. He also give me a tips, so that was really helpful. He said that ADT is America’s #1 Home Security Company. They will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They helped over 5 million homes so maybe we will be one of them if we can get one. We are still thinking about it but since I have their contact number, we can call them anytime if we are ready to use their service.

Black Jumpsuit...

This is the jumpsuit I saw online at I really love the style, so I decided to order it online. It took about 3-6 days for the shipping. It was so lovely as well as the model in the above photo. All their clothing are worth paying for. Everytime I visit their website and look all those pretty models wearing with those pretty clothes. It makes me wants to wear those dresses too! Wish I have more money to spend to buy all those nice clothes from

This is me, wearing the black jumpsuit that I ordered from I just received the package this afternoon. I try it on and it fits perfectly. I took a photo of me and here I am! Do I look look like a model? hehe...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Natural Vitamins

We went to Vitamin Cottage two weeks ago, we’re looking for a herbal supplement for my husband and vitamins for the kids. I don’t need one since I still have more vitamins left in the house. Anyhow, there’s a salesperson asking if we need help because we couldn’t find the one that we’re looking for. While my husband talking with her, I heard that they are talking about Oregano Oil. I’m not sure if this is what my husband’s looking for but maybe his asking for other alternatives against drug resistant bacteria.

We never tried the Oregano Oil but since we are talking about it. I do my own research and find out that Oasis Advanced Wellness has Oregasil, this is a type of Oregano Oil and its cost $29.95. They also has Bio D-Mulsion for only $10.50. Both of them are natural vitamins. So, if you are looking for a natural solutions for maximum health, I urged you to visit

Adorable Dana...

This is my adorable Dana Pie... She's wearing the red flowery dress I made for her. She looks so pretty in that dress. I think I did a good job making this dress. It's different style in the front and at the back you can see, it's backless. I made my own dress too, I use the same fabric :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

what's going on?

I was really surprised when I open this blog, instead of showing the, it goes directly to other url from buzz fuse. I am kind a worried! What's going on? I check my blog last night and there's nothing wrong with it. Just this afternoon when I opened it again. I try to delete some of the widgets in my sidebar and try to find where that buzz fuse came from. Then after an hour of browsing and checking, I find the problem, so I delete that widgets and when I open my blog again, the buzz fuse is gone! I'm glad I figure it out! Too bad I already decline one of the assignments I got today. Wish I can get that back...

dedicated server hosting

My friend from Europe just starting her small business online where she can sell nice fashion clothes, bags and accessories. She’s planning to buy a web hosting for her online business but she couldn’t find one that she likes and since she wants to get a dedicated server hosting, I recommended to her the They have managed hosting solutions where they managed your service while you focus on your business and their colocation services provide you with security and incomparable network speed. Their single server colocation is only $99 per month per unit and if you want to learn more about their service, you can visit their website and talk with them through their live chat. So if you own a small or medium businesses and looking for a web hosting company, why not try and see how they can help you with this matters. Hope my friend will decide and find the web hosting she’s looking for.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cheap Flights

When we’re planning for vacation, mostly we did our own research and trying to find cheap flights online. Just like we did 3 years ago. We find great deal for airline tickets, it was round trip Las Vegas to Manila Philippines. That was really nice that we get the cheapest one and save some money. Take note, that was 3 years ago and what about this year? or next year? We‘re still looking for cheap flights, that can help us to save some money for our family vacation next year. I am really excited but I don’t want to expect so much. We need to make it sure that we have budget for that besides we still have more months to think about it.

Anyhow, if you are looking for a cheap flights online. I urged you to visit We got a good deal for airline tickets with them before and I am sure you will also get the cheap flights that meets your budget. You can look for hotels, cars, vacations and deals. For flight deals, you can see the prices of each flights from $650 below. Find the best rates now at!

Swing time!

It's me! Swinging in Dustin's swing! I really had fun! Dustin and I take turns in the swing. Thanks to my husband for putting this Swing out in the backyard. That way we don't need to go to the park to play swing and slide.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Myrtle Beach golf packages!

Myrtle Beach is one of my favorite place. I never been into this place but I am longing to go and spend a week vacation with my husband and kids. Since one of my friend live nearby Myrtle, maybe we can visit them too while where there. I can’t remember the last time I talk with her, she’s a busy girl and she get online once in a while so it’s hard to catch her sometimes.

My sister saw one of the picture and she ask me if we did already went to that beautiful place of Myrtle Beach and I said “No” but someday hopefully we will! I need to start learning how to play golf! because the first thing we will do after swimming and relaxing is to play golf. I don’t think I can learn it from her because we really don’t have time to play golf besides we don’t have anything to use to play golf and Myrtle offer Myrtle Beach golf courses so maybe I will just try their courses, what you think?

By the way if you are planning to go to Myrtle and play golf, you can get the Myrtle Beach golf packages at!

Mommy and Dana moment...

Here's a nother photo of me and Dana. This photo taken 2 days ago. Where just relaxing and sitting in the floor, were tired walking around the block, we just got the mail too and Dana having fun riding in her wagon together with his brother!

fiber glass planters

We planted the plants we bought the other day and it seems like the two flowers we planted is dying. Maybe so much water? Or maybe not enough water. I'm not sure but those plants will live if you put in a place where they get more sunshine. My husband put fertilizer to it, hopefully they will live. If not then maybe we won't buy plants anymore.

Will see how it goes, but anyway were thinking about getting a fiber glass planters. We try to find it at the store but we never find one so the option is, to look up online and see if they have fiberglass planters available and thanks to our friend who recommend us the I visit the website and see all the selection of fiberglass planter and I think the purple flowers we got would be perfect in those fiber glass planter. Those are nice to put in the front yard and also to our patio.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wine opener

Last week my husband bought a Red and Riesling wine. He loves wine, we drink it once in a while. It’s nice to have a glass of wine especially when we have steak for dinner. I try to open it myself but I have really hard time opening the bottle. My husband thought me how to open but it takes me a while to learn. We have this cheap wine opener, we bought it from the grocery store. Only my husband know how to use it, that’s why I always let him open the wine bottle, if I do? I am sure I will just spill the wine.

Talking about wine opener, offer a great variety of rogar wine openers. You can choose either the champion wine opener or estate wine opener. They seems pretty good! I am sure if we get one of this, I will be willing to open a bottle of wine next time when we buy another bottle of wine this weekend. They are on sale today! So you better grab your rogar estate wine opener now before the sale end!

Dana and Dustin moments...

This photo taken this morning around 10:00 am. We're getting ready to go out and do shopping. We also need to go to Lowes to buy plants and fertilizer for the plants. While waiting for my husband, Dana and Dustin are both sitting in the table, they look sweet together so I grab the camera right away and took a photo of them. Aren't they sweet? Good job Dustin!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Car Connection...

Who loves cars? Everyone love to have their car even kids love to play cars and watch race car shows. I bet you all have a favorite car you dream of. What car you think is the most popular in the market today? How about the volkswagen jetta? This Jetta has always been quite sporty and very affordable too. I noticed that most people love to own a volkswagen. But for us, seems like volkswagen is not the right one because we have 2 big dogs, they are Mastiffs and having big dogs need to have a big car that’s why we choose to have a big truck than to have this nice sporty car. It’s been 3 years since we bought our truck and we don’t have problem with it. We pay more than $600 and I think it’s worth it.

Anyhow, how about the dodge avenger? the suzuki sx4 and VW new beetle? This two, suzuki and VW new beetle is the right one for me. Why? Because they are cute! they are perfect size for a short petite girl like me. This is the one I will consider to have if ever we will exchange our green Yukon truck. But will see… I am not sure if it’s going to happen but it’s okay. If you want to know more about the cars I am talking above, you can visit They review cars and the web, so visit now and see the overall rating of all the latest model!

Yellow Friday!

This is my outfit for the day. Color yellow. Love my shoes! The dress is cute and I got it from Target. How do I look? model wannabe? hehe :-) cheers! happy blogging everyone!

wine racks

I missed going to Denver. It’s been a long time that we never seen our long time friends out there. I missed the time when we stayed in their house and at night after dinner, they offer us a glass of wine. I am not crazy about wine but since my husband love wine, I just drink a couple sip to it. To those people who love to drink wine and have wine collection at home , I think you need to have a jk adams wine rack. That way you can put your favorite wine collection in one place.

Talking about wine rack, I came across this website at jk adams direct and they have great selection of wine storage racks and not only that they also offer jk adams spice rack, jk adams cutting board and jk adams pot rack. The spice racks is the one I like because I need to put all the spices in one place. I am not very organize with all our spices and it’s nice to have one, that way I can easily find the spices when I cooked and since one of our cutting board is broken, maybe we can also get one of the 52 jk adams cutting board selection. Get yours too at and save 15% in your next purchase!


It's nice to bring the kids in the playground every weekend. Today is my husband day off and this morning when we woke up, he told us to get ready and we can get breakfast in McDonalds. Dustin was really excited because he love to eat in McDonalds and at the same time, he love to play in their indoor playground. I also play with them while I am watching Dana. It was fun and after we're done eat our food, we decided to walk around the mall and let them play at their playground area. They play a lot today that's why when we get home, they are both knock out in the car. They are both sleeping and I got a chance to play my farmville and do my assignments.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

gain more muscles...

I love touching my husband muscle especially in his arms. Even though he gain weight, those nice muscles was still there. We didn’t go back to the gym since 2 years ago and I am sure my husband missed those times when he workout and work those nice muscles. His working with his diet and since I bumped to this website at testosterone boosters, maybe I will recommend it to him that way he can gain more muscle by taking those pills.

address plaques

We moved here in Grand Junction last 2006, we rented a house for one year and decided to buy a new house in 2007. While were looking for houses that time, we didn’t care about what the address plaques look like, we only care about what‘s inside. Even when we lived in Silverthorne, our home address plaques is very simple. Unlike those other big houses, they have this nice address plaques and numbers.

It’s nice to have a clear address sign in front of the house. I saw great selections of address plaques at and makes me think to get one since they offer a lowest prices for all their custom address plaques and numbers. We only need to change the numbers just like the one in our neighbor, they have large print of numbers and that’s what I like. So if you are thinking to change your old address plaques and numbers, I recommend For more information visit their website or order toll free at 1-800-448-2870.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Dana is very unhappy at this photo. I put the dress on to her, the one I made the other day. She looks pretty to it but the mood is not good at this moment. She's cutting teeth that's why she's very fussy. I will took another photo of her and wearing the same dress but I will make it sure that she is happy and lively.

Repair your bad credit!

How many people in the United States had a bad credit problem? Having a bad credit is like drowning in the water, hard to get away with it. Good thing because we are not in that situation yet. Our credit is average but if we keep buying things that are not important, I am sure we will be drowned in debt. We need to save money and start budgeting the money we have. Spend less is important, don’t buy things if we really don’t need it. Always think positive, ask yourself “do I really need this?“.

For some people, they never think about it. They just spend more and more until they find out that it’s too late. Well, in this kind of situation you can still find solution with it. Like in DSI solutions, they are the #1 credit repair solution online. Their online credit repair services is highly proven. They helped thousands of people and you will be one of them if you let them help you.

I don’t have my own credit card because I rely to my husband’s credit card. Honestly I never tried to use his credit card for my own personal needs but if ever I’ll have my own, I will make it sure that I will keep a good credit history. If I fail then I am sure they can help me with my credit problem. So if you have the same problem as many people do, then why Repair Your Bad Credit at!

Myrtle Beach Horizon Resort

Since I am talking about Myrtle Beach hotel, I also consider the amazing place of Myrtle Beach Horizon Resort. This is newly opened in 2008. When you stay in this hotel? I am sure you will enjoy it. You can enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, walking bare feet in a beautiful white sand. It is worth staying for. Why I say that? I just read Myrtle Beach best hotels reviews. They said the place was nice, clean, has beautiful beach view, great place to stay, amazing and awesome place! What could you ask for if they have everything they can offer to all their satisfied customers?

Reading reviews can help you decide either that hotel is right for you or not. When we travel, we always want to make it sure that the hotel we are staying has a good rating. But of course we want to stay in the hotel that meets also our budget.

The things I like the most in this resort are: the great water recreation plaza, indoor and outdoor pools, they have private balconies, the sunrises and sunsets view and the 80 golf courses. This might be the great annual vacation place spot for you and your family. Why not start booking your summer vacation at Myrtle Beach? For hotel reservation, rates and availability? just visit

Dana and Dustin more splashing videos!

Here is the video I took when Dustin and Dana having fun swimming and splashing at their plastic pool. Enjoy!

Awesome place!

I never been to South Carolina but I heard a lot of things about that place. I have two friends who live in North Carolina and one in South. The last time I talk with her was three months ago and they just moved near in the beach. She told me a lot about it, she really love their new place. She is inviting me to come there but I refused because I can’t go without my kids and husband and also we don’t have enough budget to travel this year. We need to wait until next year, if our saving is enough then maybe we can plan either to visit them or to go back home in the Philippines to visit my family.

Anyhow, she told me if ever we can visit them, she would recommend the Myrtle Beach hotel. This is the closest beach hotel to their house. Just hearing the name of the resort interests me, that’s why I look up online and research the place and came across at It seems like a great place to stay for vacation. They offer Myrtle Beach vacation deals, so I am sure we can get a great deal and save some money.

I saw the photos of the resort and it’s awesome! Guess what? they also have golf coarse! I really want to learn play golf, my friend in Japan told me about golfing and she says it was really a nice sport to play. It’s fun and interesting. So I better start learning it now so that I can play golf when we get there!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I used to read extreme workouts magazine before because my husband collect those kind of magazines. He workout a lot before he decided to meet me, he got a muscular and healthy body. When we got married he encouraged me to workout with him at one of the popular gym here in the Valley. I am not really enjoying the workout because I always looking forward to swim to their indoor pool. I just love watching my husband doing the workout, it’s really amazing how those muscles came out every time he carry those heavy workout machines. I think those turbo jam nutrition helps his muscle to grow that way.

Anyhow, it’s been almost 2 years that we didn’t go workout together. We have a treadmill but we sale it when we have garage sale. Wish we can go back to the Gym and workout together as a couple. Because of my husband’s hectic schedule at work and me busy taking care of our kids, we never had a chance to workout except walking around the block every afternoon. Maybe we need to get a turbo jam equipment that way we can workout in the house on weekends. I would love to have a turbo ball, this is an easier for me to do and the kids would love to play it too!

Back to work...

It was Tuesday morning and my husband is back to work. He spend 4 days with us because of the Holiday. Fourth of July is really busy, lot of fireworks at night and our dogs really scared of fireworks. Dana was scared of fireworks too. Dustin really had a lot of fun watching the fireworks at his port. Mike put two chairs on Dustin's port but we never get a chance to enjoy the fireworks because Dana and I are inside the house. Before, every fourth of July, we climb to our roof top and watch those colorful fireworks and Dustin's love it a lot.

Monday, July 5, 2010

rain chains

Who love’s rain? I think most people like rain and some are not. I love watching the rain while sitting in the patio drinking coffee and staring those water pouring in the ground. We don’t have rain chain but it would be nice if we have one because my kids love the rain. Way back in the Philippines when I was a kid, I love to play in the rain with my friends, because of the cold temperature, I easily got sick but it doesn’t stop me to play in the rain. I’m kind a love living here in the Valley, Spring time is the nice season, all the flowers bloom and it rains all the time.

There are times that I don’t like rain especially when it rains all week! Cloudy day and rainy day makes me tired and lazy. It always makes me want to lay down in the bed and sleep. Anyhow, if you are looking for rain chains, this is an alternatives to a downspout. I urged you to visit, they offer great selections of rain chains from copper rain chains, japanese rain chain, garden rain chains, gutter rain chain and a lot more! Get your beautiful rain chains and rain chain accessories at!

Scared of fireworks...

It was 4th of July and last night we're just sitting in Dustin's port watching those pretty fireworks. Everyone start shooting fireworks early but when it's getting dark, you can hear a lot of fireworks everywhere. I thought Dana would love it but I was wrong. She's kind a scared. She always says "mama boomm, dooong". She hugged me so tight and she covered her ears, telling me that she wants to come in inside the house because the fireworks are really so loud and she's not happy with it. So instead of joining my husband and Dustin watching fireworks, I decided to stay in the house and just make Dana sleep. :-)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

credit counseling

Being in debt is very stressful. We tried to budget our money in our everyday expenses but we still behind in our monthly bills. It’s hard if only one person works in the family. We have two kids and I still need to help out my family in the Philippines. The money I got online is not enough to pay our bills. If we could do something to pay them off then we don’t need to worry about it every month. We tried to talk to someone who can help us with this matter but I think they couldn’t help us at this time. They said we need to declare bankruptcy but if we did, our credit score will be affected. We don’t want to make that happen. Right now, we are still hanging on, try to budget the money we have, pay those bills that are already due and try to save extra money too.

Good thing I found They are the credit counseling services. If you are in debt like us, you might want to give them a call and see if they can help you analyze your true financial situation. They offer free debt consolidation quote. I know many people are in crisis nowadays because of the economy and its time for us to get Financial Freedom with the help of debt consolidation! This might be the solution of everyone’s problem especially when it comes to debt!

Ala lang...

I was having fun watching the kids playing in the backyard. Then I took the camera and took a picture of me and set the timer. Posing posing kuno... hehe :-) Ala lang, wala lang magawa...

locking mailboxes

What is your mailbox look like? Ours is like the CBU: Standard Cluster Box Mailboxes. It’s one block away from our house. It’s a walking distance and every afternoon my daughter and I pick up the mail while waiting for my husband to come home from work. Unlike the mailbox we have before when we live in the mountains, we have the Keystone Series Mailbox. I also like the Column Mailbox that I saw in a big subdivision here in the Valley. It’s very convenient and it’s a good looking mailbox too.

Anyhow, if you are planning to buy locking mailboxes, I would like you to visit the They have great selections of lockable mailboxes. Maybe you can find the locking mailbox that you like the most that meets your style and budget. Their locking mailboxes is 110% low price protection. If you have any questions you can call them at their toll free number 1-800-448-2870.

Window Boxes

My mom loves gardening a lot, I think I didn’t got it from her but I love flowers. My husband love to plant trees and flowers in our backyard. We bought our dog a big kennel so that they won’t destroy the plant. I help him out planting beautiful flowers in our front yard. Well, I think I need to learn more about gardening. We walk around the block last two days ago and I saw our neighbor’s window. They have beautiful window boxes planters. It adds an elegance look to their window. I was thinking where they got those nice wooden window boxes? I would like to have window flower boxes in our patio and window plant boxes in the front window. I am sure it will look great. I promised to my husband to take care of those flowers and I make it sure that I water them everyday. If you are looking for window boxes, I urged you to visit, they have great selections of window boxes planters and it’s free shipping too!

What a great morning!

We went on service this morning as a family and we work with Kathy and Bob, it was a nice morning. The sun is shining, Dustin and Dana was in good mood to walk around and knock people's door. I got a nice return visit this morning and I will return next week to talk her again about the bible teach book. I am kind a nervous but since she give me a nice beautiful smile and a warm welcome, it makes me feel comfortable to talk with her. After our break time, I meet this Filipina girl working at City Market, I thought she's a mexican but she is a Filipino! I ask her number and will call her tonight if I get a chance.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Australian life insurance

This past few weeks, my two kids was sick, the fever is keep coming back and Dustin’s runny nose still the same. We already tried different medications but none of them works. The doctor mentioned about taking his adenoids out but we refused. I read it online and It said that this adenoids will shrink when he turns 5-6 years old. If it get worst, I think we don’t have any choice instead we will let him undergo a surgery, taking his adenoids out. I know medical bills is really high, we’re just thankful that we have an insurance that will covered most of our medical bills. It helps a lot when you have life insurance. Last month I just got my bridge in my front teeth and we pay half of it and our insurance covered half of the price we owe. Talking about life insurance, if you are looking for australian life insurance, I will absolutely recommend They also offer funeral insurance and term life insurance. So what are you waiting for? Get a life insurance now at

Dustin in the swing...

This is the swing that mike made for Dustin, made of rope and a piece of wood to sit. It's very fancy, this is more cheaper than to buy swing at the store. Dustin love his swing and slide. Thanks to daddy for making him a nice playground in the backyard.

Mesothelioma Lawyer

Is there any member of your family been diagnosed with mesothelioma? Is Malignant Mesothelioma is really that serious? What is the main cause of mesothelioma? What are the symptoms of mesothelioma? Is there any cure with it? These are the questions that comes to my mind. I heard that many people been diagnosed with mesothelioma and I even heard it on TV. I research it online and I got the answer I need. Its really scary, thinking about my love ones got this illness, I’m not sure if I can take it. I think only chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery is the only treatments and there is no possibility if you can live. You will be lucky if you can survive. If you work in the place where you been exposed to asbestos. You better talk with your doctor right away, make sure that you don’t have any symptoms of mesothelioma. If you think you got the symptoms of mesothelioma, you better get Mesothelioma Lawyer, they will help you with this matter. If you have problem finding your Mesothelioma Attorney, you might want to visit I am sure you will be inspired to read their articles. They have people been diagnosed with mesothelioma and survived with this illness. You can also get a free copies of the book surviving mesothelioma. Visit now to find out more!

Welcome back PR3!

For more than a year, this blog never got a page rank. But it doesn’t stop me to keep updating this blog. Either I have a page rank or not, the important is I am not neglecting this blog. This blog makes some money too and I am thankful for that. This morning while I am updating my blogs, I noticed that the page rank still PR0 but I already got a lot of assignments to this blog and it said those assignments is only for those blog that has PR3 and above. I looked up in google page rank checker and I was so glad to see the PR3! So welcome back page rank! Thanks to Mr. Google for giving my page rank back!


Way back in my high school life, it’s very different. Why? Because we don’t have locker in school! Maybe public school really don’t have lockers. It’s nice if all schools both public and private has school lockers but we don’t. Unlike here in the United States all schools got their own lockers, even gym has gym lockers. Bringing books to school everyday is kind a hassle. It’s heavy to carry and I remember that my mom is always carrying my niece books when she go to school. The advantages of having lockers at school is that, students can leave their things at their lockers, they don’t need to bring it everyday, they can bring the books that they need and leave the rest. You can leave your other stuff there too as long you bring your own lock. Not only schools that needs to have lockers, even in the big department store, gym, stadium, banks, hotels and many to mention need a lockers for their workers and staff.

Talking about lockers, I saw this lockers for sale online at They have great selection of different lockers style. If you like to make it look different then maybe you can try the wood lockers, it’s also available at their website. For more information and more locker selections, visit!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet blog award!

Thanks to Mami Rosemarie of Deeply In Love for sharing this award. Really appreciate it. Thank you so much! It's been a long time I didn't receive any award hehe :-)
I am passing this award to Mami Jes of OzLife, Kayce, Anne, Fe, and to everyone who keep visiting my blog! Thanks to all!

complete vitamins...

Both young and adults need a complete vitamins. Most people is not aware with what kind of food they are eating, If it’s nutritious or not. As a parent we need to give our kids the vitamins & minerals they need. That’s why there are many multivitamins available in the market. It’s up to us which one to choose, we just need to be more wiser in choosing the right vitamins for us and for our kids. To find the best multivitamins in the market today, you might want to visit and don’t forget to read the consumer reviews about their product!

Fun time!

This is a new photo of Dustin and Dana. They are having fun together. They are trying to ride the car but only one person can fit in there so Dana can sit in front while I took this photo. As long they are happy, I am happy too.

hemorrhoids treatments

Hemorrhoids is well known as a very painful, embarrassing and uncomfortable illness. This is something that you need to get rid of right away. If you think that you have hemorrhoids, you better take hemorrhoids treatments right away. Don’t wait until it get worst. There are many hemorrhoids treatments out there that really works fast. So don’t wait! visit now!

hair problem...

Having thin hair is my big problem before when I was in the Philippines. Since I have thin straight hair, It worries me every time I brushed. Thinking of losing a lot of hair when I brushed scares me. Actually I thought I have a hair problem, but my mom said I have this natural thin hair. Right now since I moved here in the United States, I feel so much better with my hair. I think the shampoo I used helps a lot. This is the best shampoo for hair loss. Thanks to my husband for buying me such thing. I also take multi vitamins for hair and nails so I think thats a big plus also.

Stop by...

The kids was playing outside in the backyard and I bring my laptop outside so that I can finish my assignments. This is better than staying in the computer room, that way I can watch my kids. Suddenly I hear Dana screaming and say "Daddaaaa!" I didn't hear the door open or the garage door open. Maybe I was busy thinking about what I am going to post for my assignments. Anyhow, my husband stop by in the house to check us. Isn't that sweet? It was nice that he stop by. He didn't stay too long though, just want to make it sure that we're doing okay. Love you baby!