Thursday, July 8, 2010

address plaques

We moved here in Grand Junction last 2006, we rented a house for one year and decided to buy a new house in 2007. While were looking for houses that time, we didn’t care about what the address plaques look like, we only care about what‘s inside. Even when we lived in Silverthorne, our home address plaques is very simple. Unlike those other big houses, they have this nice address plaques and numbers.

It’s nice to have a clear address sign in front of the house. I saw great selections of address plaques at and makes me think to get one since they offer a lowest prices for all their custom address plaques and numbers. We only need to change the numbers just like the one in our neighbor, they have large print of numbers and that’s what I like. So if you are thinking to change your old address plaques and numbers, I recommend For more information visit their website or order toll free at 1-800-448-2870.

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