Sunday, July 25, 2010

spice racks...

Every Saturday, I prepare a simple dinner for my family. Mostly on weekends, I make a bean dip. I use a lot of spices and my husband loves it. This bean dip recipe is very easy. You can eat it with tortilla chips or wrap it like a burrito. I am not crazy on Mexican Food but when I eat burrito in one of the family Mexican Restaurant here in Grand Junction area. It interest me to make burrito for lunch or dinner. Anyhow, while I was cooking bean dip last night, I was having hard time finding the spices. I know I put it in one place but when I look in the spices cabinet, it wasn’t there.

Well, wish we had a spice rack to put all our spices. That way I never had hard time finding the spices I need for cooking. We went to the store for grocery shopping and look for spice racks but they don’t have any. We need to go to the store where they sell all this kitchen spice racks. I also search it online and I bumped to this website while I’m searching for a wall spice rack. They really had great selections of spice racks. I like the carousel spice racks and 16 jars racks. It makes all the spices organized. How about you? which one you like? Organized your spices using this spice racks from!

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