Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Online Trading

Stock Trading is not my thing but my husband does. I remember before when he told me that he join the Online Trading and bought Stock in that site. I saw him check his IRA accounts once in a while and see if the stock increasing. I forgot the name of that site but anyway talking about Online trading, I came across this website at firstrade.com, they offer free trades for 30 days. Their stock trades start for only $6.95 and the transfer to firstrade is free. See the special offers? it said for limited time only that Firstrade will rebate your account transfer fee charged by another Online Broker for up to $100. Isn’t that a great deal? If you want to receive online investing newsletter, all you have to do is sign up.

One more thing, if you refer your friends you can earn $50. So it’s time to open an account today at Firstrade.com and tell all your friends! The more friends you invite, the more you can earn! To learn more about their service, I urged you to visit Firstrade.

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