Tuesday, July 20, 2010

run out...

Yay, I look inside the fridge and look for a meat to cook for dinner tonight and I see there's no more meat! I better get ready and go to the store and buy some. I want to have a healthy food tonight for dinner so I decided to cook a pork with cabbage. Very simple but healthy. My husband loves it. I also need to run to Filipino store because I ran out of century tuna! Tuna is my favorite especially century tuna because they have lot of flavor. I love the afritada, guisado and adobo flavor. Since it's too hot out, It's not good to bring Cocao with us. It's not good to leave the dog inside the car when it's very hot. I told my husband if it's okay but he say "no". So I leave our dog in the house and go with my kids. Hope they have stocks for century tuna and bihon guisado :-) Will see!

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