Monday, July 19, 2010

home security system

Safety in the house is what my husband and I concern especially that we have two toddlers in the house. My husband show me how to turn on and off the smoke alarm. I have problem sometimes in forgetting something especially when I cook in the kitchen. One time I cook rice and then I left and went outside to play the kids and I forgot the rice that I am cooking. After few minutes I just heard the smoke alarm is ringing very loud. My rice is burned and I am really scared thinking those big smoke coming. That was two years ago, now I am making sure that I turn off the stove before I go out. This year also, both of our cars got a flat tires. Not only our cars but also all the cars in our neighborhood. That was terrible! No wonder most of our neighbor get a home security system.

Anyhow, last two weeks ago there’s a guy knocking the door and he is offering me this home security system. He explain me everything about how it works and how we can be feel safe using their service. He showed me how easy the installation is. He also give me a tips, so that was really helpful. He said that ADT is America’s #1 Home Security Company. They will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They helped over 5 million homes so maybe we will be one of them if we can get one. We are still thinking about it but since I have their contact number, we can call them anytime if we are ready to use their service.

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JD Doyle said...

Congrats for taking the time to think about your purchase of an alarm system! Monitronics ( and other home security system companies are really "sounding the alarm" :) on some of these door to door salespeople and their high pressure sales tactics. Well done!