Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Awesome place!

I never been to South Carolina but I heard a lot of things about that place. I have two friends who live in North Carolina and one in South. The last time I talk with her was three months ago and they just moved near in the beach. She told me a lot about it, she really love their new place. She is inviting me to come there but I refused because I can’t go without my kids and husband and also we don’t have enough budget to travel this year. We need to wait until next year, if our saving is enough then maybe we can plan either to visit them or to go back home in the Philippines to visit my family.

Anyhow, she told me if ever we can visit them, she would recommend the Myrtle Beach hotel. This is the closest beach hotel to their house. Just hearing the name of the resort interests me, that’s why I look up online and research the place and came across at It seems like a great place to stay for vacation. They offer Myrtle Beach vacation deals, so I am sure we can get a great deal and save some money.

I saw the photos of the resort and it’s awesome! Guess what? they also have golf coarse! I really want to learn play golf, my friend in Japan told me about golfing and she says it was really a nice sport to play. It’s fun and interesting. So I better start learning it now so that I can play golf when we get there!

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