Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I used to read extreme workouts magazine before because my husband collect those kind of magazines. He workout a lot before he decided to meet me, he got a muscular and healthy body. When we got married he encouraged me to workout with him at one of the popular gym here in the Valley. I am not really enjoying the workout because I always looking forward to swim to their indoor pool. I just love watching my husband doing the workout, it’s really amazing how those muscles came out every time he carry those heavy workout machines. I think those turbo jam nutrition helps his muscle to grow that way.

Anyhow, it’s been almost 2 years that we didn’t go workout together. We have a treadmill but we sale it when we have garage sale. Wish we can go back to the Gym and workout together as a couple. Because of my husband’s hectic schedule at work and me busy taking care of our kids, we never had a chance to workout except walking around the block every afternoon. Maybe we need to get a turbo jam equipment that way we can workout in the house on weekends. I would love to have a turbo ball, this is an easier for me to do and the kids would love to play it too!

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