Saturday, July 3, 2010

Window Boxes

My mom loves gardening a lot, I think I didn’t got it from her but I love flowers. My husband love to plant trees and flowers in our backyard. We bought our dog a big kennel so that they won’t destroy the plant. I help him out planting beautiful flowers in our front yard. Well, I think I need to learn more about gardening. We walk around the block last two days ago and I saw our neighbor’s window. They have beautiful window boxes planters. It adds an elegance look to their window. I was thinking where they got those nice wooden window boxes? I would like to have window flower boxes in our patio and window plant boxes in the front window. I am sure it will look great. I promised to my husband to take care of those flowers and I make it sure that I water them everyday. If you are looking for window boxes, I urged you to visit, they have great selections of window boxes planters and it’s free shipping too!

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