Friday, July 30, 2010


What do you prefer? watching circus, live concerts or watching your favorite sports live or on TV? There’s a big difference if you watch it live because you can feel the tense and you can see a lot of people watching. If you watch it at home, you can still feel the excitement but its really different when you see it personally.

Anyhow, I never seen live circus and live sports game. Except the live concerts because when I was in the Philippines, my friends invited me to watch live concerts or live talk show every weekend. I get used to it and I see my friends dancing at the stage. It was really fun watching it live because there’s no advertisement unlike on TV you can always see the advertisement.

Talking about live sports game, circus and live concerts. You can’t enter without tickets right? Tickets is important. No tickets then you are not allow to watch the show! So if you are looking for FENWAY PARK TICKETS, TANGLEWOOD TICKETS and TD BANKNORTH GARDEN TICKETS then you better visit and get the tickets in the Hot Venues area.

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