Monday, July 12, 2010

fiber glass planters

We planted the plants we bought the other day and it seems like the two flowers we planted is dying. Maybe so much water? Or maybe not enough water. I'm not sure but those plants will live if you put in a place where they get more sunshine. My husband put fertilizer to it, hopefully they will live. If not then maybe we won't buy plants anymore.

Will see how it goes, but anyway were thinking about getting a fiber glass planters. We try to find it at the store but we never find one so the option is, to look up online and see if they have fiberglass planters available and thanks to our friend who recommend us the I visit the website and see all the selection of fiberglass planter and I think the purple flowers we got would be perfect in those fiber glass planter. Those are nice to put in the front yard and also to our patio.

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