Friday, July 2, 2010

Australian life insurance

This past few weeks, my two kids was sick, the fever is keep coming back and Dustin’s runny nose still the same. We already tried different medications but none of them works. The doctor mentioned about taking his adenoids out but we refused. I read it online and It said that this adenoids will shrink when he turns 5-6 years old. If it get worst, I think we don’t have any choice instead we will let him undergo a surgery, taking his adenoids out. I know medical bills is really high, we’re just thankful that we have an insurance that will covered most of our medical bills. It helps a lot when you have life insurance. Last month I just got my bridge in my front teeth and we pay half of it and our insurance covered half of the price we owe. Talking about life insurance, if you are looking for australian life insurance, I will absolutely recommend They also offer funeral insurance and term life insurance. So what are you waiting for? Get a life insurance now at

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