Friday, July 2, 2010


Way back in my high school life, it’s very different. Why? Because we don’t have locker in school! Maybe public school really don’t have lockers. It’s nice if all schools both public and private has school lockers but we don’t. Unlike here in the United States all schools got their own lockers, even gym has gym lockers. Bringing books to school everyday is kind a hassle. It’s heavy to carry and I remember that my mom is always carrying my niece books when she go to school. The advantages of having lockers at school is that, students can leave their things at their lockers, they don’t need to bring it everyday, they can bring the books that they need and leave the rest. You can leave your other stuff there too as long you bring your own lock. Not only schools that needs to have lockers, even in the big department store, gym, stadium, banks, hotels and many to mention need a lockers for their workers and staff.

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