Thursday, July 29, 2010

rain barrels...

Way back in the Philippines in the province where my grand father live, I was so young that time and I remember that me and my cousins play at the rain barrels. My grand father put rain water barrels in the back of our yard for us to play and also to save water. The water they get from the rain, they used it to water the garden. I missed those times, it was a long time ago, I can’t even remember the face of my cousins out there. The time will come, if we could go back to our province, I will absolutely bring my mom. My mom will love to go back in Bohol. We will take a week vacation to visit my relatives.

Anyhow, talking about rain barrels. The has this very pretty rain barrels for sale. They also has rain barrels tank and accessories. This are the ultimate source for all types of rain barrels. It’s 30 day no hassle return and 110% low price protection before or after a purchase. So if you are looking for rain barrels for rain harvesting. You better check out their website and find the one you like!

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