Friday, July 9, 2010

wine racks

I missed going to Denver. It’s been a long time that we never seen our long time friends out there. I missed the time when we stayed in their house and at night after dinner, they offer us a glass of wine. I am not crazy about wine but since my husband love wine, I just drink a couple sip to it. To those people who love to drink wine and have wine collection at home , I think you need to have a jk adams wine rack. That way you can put your favorite wine collection in one place.

Talking about wine rack, I came across this website at jk adams direct and they have great selection of wine storage racks and not only that they also offer jk adams spice rack, jk adams cutting board and jk adams pot rack. The spice racks is the one I like because I need to put all the spices in one place. I am not very organize with all our spices and it’s nice to have one, that way I can easily find the spices when I cooked and since one of our cutting board is broken, maybe we can also get one of the 52 jk adams cutting board selection. Get yours too at and save 15% in your next purchase!

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