Thursday, July 31, 2008

Best Diet Pills

There are many diet pills available at the store and most of them works and some are not. People also buy diet pills online, this is more convenient than going to the store. But are you aware of those diet pills you saw on TV? You think they works the best than any other diet pills? To know more about diet pills you must visit, not only they give reviews but you can also find the cheapest diet pills available online. When it comes to diet pills then you better visit their website to get save and at the same time you can easily choose which diet pills that’s right for you.

I am sure many people would love to visit this website especially when it talks about cheapest diet pills. I saw many diet pills at the store but I am scared to try it. My husband is really good with that, sometimes he make his own diet pills. I don know how he can do that but it scares me because maybe it has side effects. I remember the last time that he told me that choosing the right diet pills it needs to be effective and safe. If you are taking diet pills then of course you need to workout and exercise, eat nutritious food and not eating junk.

The thing I like at is that they give loss rating/overall rating for diet pills, not only that they provide additional benefits of each best diet pills on their list and a full review also. They reviewed 200 diet pills and they created list based on the following criteria: value, safety, weight loss power, ingredient quality, additional benefits, customer feedback, reorder rates and company reputation. Isn’t that a good thing?it makes easier to choose which one that works the best. When you visit their website now, you can see the top 10 Best Diet Pills. So, what are you waiting for? Visit and get your diet pills for a very affordable price.

Domestic Seafood Recipe

Do you like to cook seafood? I like seafood a lot and when it comes to seafood? My brother-in-law is really good with it. And my favorite are Sweet and Sour Fish and Fresh Braised Crabs with Garlic. I know this is very common for domestic seafood and most of the people know how to cook these. The recipe is very simple and I am sure I can do it. Even though I am not a great cook but at least I can easily learned if someone teach me or if I have a recipe copy with it. Here is the recipe of the Sweet and Sour Fish.

1 red snapper or grouper (cleaned and scaled)
½ cup flour mixed with salt
½ cup oil
Few sprigs fresh cilantro leaves to garnish.

½ cup sugar
½ cup vinegar
½ cup water
3 tbs tomato ketchup
1 small carrot, 1 medium green and red bell pepper (thinly sliced)
1 medium cucumber
½ tbs cornstarch (dissolved in 2 tbs water)

1. Make 3-4 diagonal slits along each side of the fish and dredge in flour. Heat the oil in a wok and fry the fish for 7-8 minutes on each side or until cooked. Removed from pan and drain on paper towels.
2. To make the sauce, combine the sugar, vinegar, water and tomato ketchup in a saucepan. Add carrots, cook for 4-5 mins, add bell peppers and cucumber. Simmer without stirring. When the vegetables are tender, stir in cornstarch mixture and simmer until thickens. Remove from heat.
3. Place the fish on a serving platter. Pour the sweet and sour sauce over the fish. Arrange the vegetables around fish and garnish with cilantro leaves.

Hope you like the recipe! Anyway what is your favorite domestic seafood dish? Would you like to share it? Have you heard the website Great American Seafood Cook off? If you like cook domestic seafood dish, then this might be the right website for you. Why? Because they are one of America’s most prestigious culinary competitions. You can share your recipe and who knows! Maybe you are the next winner with the title of King of American Seafood. Isn’t that great? I am not a good cook but I will absolutely recommend this website to all people around the world who love to cook. For more information visit!

My Parenting Journey got a pagerank!

Im so happy coz at last my parenting journey got PR now. My parenting journey is my 3rd blog and im so glad because i can start earning money with that blog. I just found out last few days, i think the google update again and i am sure many bloggers been affected with this update. Most of them, they lost the page rank and get back to zero again and some increased their page rank too. Well, i know it will happens but i am sure their Pagerank will come back after a month or so. You just need to be patience and work with your traffic again. Having no PR is hard especially if you are joining blog advertising. Opportunities right now is really hard to grab because there are many bloggers are waiting for that opps. But i am fortunate that i can grab one or two per day hehe :-)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Best diet pill

Last week, my friend ask me if what kind of diet pills works the best and what kind of diet pills that my hubby using? I already forgot the name of it but when I checked online, I came across this website at, so I recommend the website right away because I noticed that they offer the cheapest internet price and I am sure she will be happy to hear that she can buy a cheapest diet pills online because right now, she having problem with her weight and she really want to lose weight so bad. This is her chance to get a very cheap diet pills and guess what? She can order online with no hassle at The good thing is price exposed shows the product description of each top 10 best diet pill on the market. You can also read the positive reviews of each diet pills. Choosing the right diet supplement is not just the looks or that you heard on TV. Diet supplement needs to be effective, safe, has ingredient quality and the value of the product. So if you are looking for a cheapest faster weight loss then is the right website for you.

Monday, July 28, 2008

New Survey from dNeero

This is a mix survey about celebrity, media and political matters so i am not sure about this survey but i post it anyway. It makes me interested about britney and kevin matters. What do you think will going to happen with them both? Is kevin will be a good father to their kids? Hopefully! I like Britney Spears a lot before when she was younger and single but now? It seems like she screwed up a lot. I know she has many problem to face and hopefully she wont give up and keep fighting her rights as a mother and be true about herself. Good luck to your Brit!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

We found junk?

Instead of finding jewelries, coins and valuable stuff? we found a junk. But its okay, i know it takes a while to find those valuable things at the park. Next time we will try to use our metal detector at the old school here in Grand Junction area. This is a fun hobby and i know Mike starting to love it. Everytime he found a bottle or can cap, bolts, nails, wires and anything that is not so valuable, it makes him happy. Why? because he said, its a good thing because at least now he starting to learn how to use the detector and to familiarize the sound also. While spending time at the park, Dustin also having a good time playing but me? im having fun but kind a tired because of the hot weather. :-)

Treasure Hunting at the park!

Starting in the morning until afternoon, mike and i decided to go to the park to try our Tesoro Metal Detector and we are both hoping that we can find a valuable stuff but too bad because we found junk hehe :-) Mostly Mike found an alluminum foil, nails, bolts, bottle and can cap not so valuable though but i know mike really enjoy trying his metal detector. While he's doing the treasure hunting, Dustin and I are busy playing in the playground. Thats why it really makes me so tired after an hour of playing and watching Dustin. Then after spending time at the park, we decided to go for a garage sale until noon time. We just had pizza for lunch. Its so tiring, we only find few good stuff like clothes and toys for dustin. Around 1:30pm we went home and take a nap. When we woke up at 4:00pm, we went to the ink shop to buy a black ink for our printer and went to the park after to continue our treasure hunting. It was a very tiring day for me, watching dustin makes me really exhausted. It seems like he dont feel tired at all. He keep playing, sliding, go to the swing and climb everywhere. So now, when we get home, my leg are very sore and im totally knock out hehe :-) Need to massage my foot before i go to bed. :-) Our treasure hunting was fun but its tired. Maybe tomorrow we will try our metal detector at the park here in Orchard Mesa area. Will see what we got tomorrow, hopefully not junk hehe :-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Testing our Tesoro Metal Detector

We just receive our Tesoro Metal Detector yesterday afternoon. So we assemble the detector right away and do the test. It works pretty good though. At first we try the nail, then the coins and gold and silver jewelries. For me, they all sounds the same but the detector really can detect all of it. The sound change when you point the object at the center of the coil. We try to adjust the sound because it was really loud. The coil is kind a sensitive, when the targets get closer to the coil, the threshold tone will get louder and higher in pitch. So this morning, mike decided to buy a headphone at radioshack. He said it can help us to hear the sound and not let anyone hear it. We buy 2 headphone one for him and one for me. This weekend, maybe we can try our Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detector at the open field or maybe at the old town here in Grand Junction. Will see what happen this weekend. Hopefully we can find a very valuable things, who knows! maybe we can find gold! hehe :-)

Eye Irritation and Redness

Since last night, Mike got eye irritation and redness. He told me that it feels like something pooking in his eyes. I thought it just a sore eyes, like eye infection we had in the Philippines but when we went to the doctor this morning. The doctor said maybe his contact lense is dry and have some dirt on it and mike rub his eyes that why it gets irritated. He didn't wear his contact lense for the whole day so i am the one who's driving and take him to his doctor. He cant drive without his contact lense because he cant see clearly. Anyway, the doctor gave him antibiotic and he bought an eye drop and i think his eyes looks better now than this morning. Its not red anymore and im so glad about it. It makes me worry everytime i see him hurt and feel pain. Wish i can do something to make it feel better. Hopefully tomorrow his eyes will be okay ":-)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Modern Furniture Store

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Quick Update...

Sorry for not updating this blog for almost 2 days. I just get lazy to write post hehe and i dont have anything to say. Well, anyway this past few days im getting busy doing my thing here in the house and at the afternoon, i always feel sleepy. I take a nap with Dustin thats why i never had a chance to update my blog and the thing that keep me busy is watching taiwanesenovela at youtube title "Devil beside you". Im just enjoying watching the movie and the actor is look like a young version of Robin Padilla, one of the biggest actor in the Philippines. :-) So far for that, we just receive our "tesoro metal detector" and i think this weekend we will going to try if how it works. Hopefully we can find some valuable stuff too.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Planning to buy a Tesoro Detector?

I never had Tesoro Detector before nor ever tried to use it. But today i just noticed that Mike keep searching it online and it seems like he has a plan to buy one. But when i look at the prices? i was really shocked. This Tesoro Detector cost about $639.20 and the lobo super traq retail is about $799.00. That was expensive isn't it? but Mike said its a good thing to have because maybe we can find a very valuable stuff like old coins, gold, jewelries, watches and more. Then we can sell it after. You can find it everywhere like at the parks, playgrounds, at your backyard, at the fields, beaches, woods or even riverbanks. Well, i think its nice if we can find gold and valuable jewelries and coins. I dont know when he will buy one but will see. He still planning to call that guy from Montrose and ask if he can get the detector for the same price that we saw online. Maybe its fun if we do it together huh? I heard many people owned this kind of metal detector and they become rich because they found a very valuable stuff. Hopefully we can too! hehe :-) will see what happen.

Free Checking Accounts at WaMu

I didn’t know that WaMu offer a free checking account with no monthly fee. I was very surprised when I found out about their free checking account. If you apply now, you can get a free ATM cash withdrawals worldwide, free checks, free gold debt MasterCard with rewards, free overdraft or non-sufficient funds fee refund use one per year and free outgoing wire transfers worldwide. You cant find anything like this, its absolutely free! You can have a free checking account if you sign up at their website at Either your using it for personal or business banking? You can have it for free or you can choose the Platinum Checking Account too, this is the right choice if you maintain a higher checking balance and want to earn interest. If you want a great free services with no monthly fee that comes with free ATM cash withdrawals, then WaMu Free Checking Account is the right one for you. Not only that they offer free checking accounts but they also have savings accounts, CD’s & IRAs, Credit Cards, Loans and more. And guess what? If you sign up now you can have access to your accounts online, you can pay bills and send them a secure message. Its very easy! All you have to do is visit their website at and sign up!

I passed my driving test!

At last! i will get my driver license within few weeks. I passed my driving test and about 1-2 weeks they will send my driver license by mail. So i cant wait to get my driver license and start driving with Dustin, visit some friends, go to the mall, do shopping and do the grocery shopping! My driving test went really good. I was really nervous that time but the woman who go with me for my driving test, makes me really comfortable. I never felt scared or get rattle in my driving. I feel at ease and i did it right! i am very happy because she gave me a good compliments for my driving skills. She said i did good, i really improved a lot. Its been a year since i failed my driving test before for 3 times. And now? i told myself that i can do this. And you know what? i did! hehe :-) i am so happy and now im just sitting here in the house and wait for few days to receive my driver license!

World Biofuels Industry Open Letter to OPEC

Many countries are affected with oil and energy prices. Even in the Philippines, the increasing of oil, gas and energy prices is non-stop. That’s why people are having a hard time to cope up with this problem. I saw on TV that people rally and beg to the government to lower the oil and gas prices and increase their wages too. Well, I think that wont help. I keep searching online on what will be the part of the solution for this skyrocketing energy prices. And guess what? I came across this website at and I found out that the World Biofuels Industry Open Letter to OPEC. How does this work? OPEC has forced the price of oil down. The growing volume of biofuels in the global fuels market is helping to keep world oil and gasoline prices lower than OPEC may like. Just like in Brazil. The gas prices in Brazil have not gone up in two years as a result of that nations increasing use of ethanol. So it means that the Biofuels Industry wants people to know that they can play a part in helping to ease the world’s oil problems. Visit their website for more information and read the press release about World Biofuel Leaders to OPEC.

Driving Test...

This afternoon at 2:00pm i have an appointment for my driving test at Western Slope Driving Institute. They will just evaluate my driving skills and if i do it right then maybe i dont need to enrol at their school and get a driving instructor. Its too expensive you know but hopefully i will passed my driving test so that i can get my driver license. I failed 3 times before for my driving test. I feel nervous and they said i am inconsistent on my driving because i always changed. So i need to work with that and practice more. Mike is at work, so he cant go with me for my driving test this afternoon but im glad Olivia will come with me. She is one of our sister in our congregation, she is nice and friendly. She volunteered to go with me and watch dustin while i do my driving test. So hopefully my driving test this afternoon will be fine. Im kind a nervous but i need to have self confidence on myself. I know i can do this... hopefully i wont failed again hehe :-)

Get a prescription eyeglasses at

I been fascinated with all those eyeglasses that I’ve seen online at ZenniOptical. I told Mike about it and he said If I want to get a prescription eyeglasses then I can order it online if I want to. Zenni Optical is the only website I will absolutely recommend because they have all the prescription eyeglasses that all people need. The good thing is they offer a very stylish variable dimension frames for a very affordable price. You can also get a prescription eyeglasses for only $8. I think I will get one for my mom, because her eyeglasses already broken and she needs a new reading eyeglasses. So when it comes to prescription eyeglasses? is the right website for you! Visit now and get your prescription eyeglasses.

Back to work!

Mike is not working last whole week. But now, he decided to go back to work eventhough his back is not recovered yet. He still feel the pain on his back but sometimes he tried to ignore it. I felt so bad everytime i see him hurt. His back is not that serious, the doctor said it was a minor injury. He just pulled muscle at his back and he need to do stretching. Hopefully he will be okay so that he can do his work better.

Takemi Select Wholesale Outlet

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Foody Taggy

Hi rose! thanks for this tag, sorry for the delay, i almost forgot to post it but im glad i check my cbox and saw this tag. Hope you doing fine. Happy blogging!

Eaters: kathyrazzi kathycot buhaymisis whenmomspeaks kathycotcooks my precious niche just me.. eds edsmommylife Me,Myself+2 Le bric à brac de Cherie Chez Francine La Place de Cherie My Journey l Celebrate Life l Deeply In Love l Femikey Journey l ADD YOUR BLOG HERE!

1. Chicken sa McDo, Jollibee, or KFC?- McDo for me
2. Pepsi, Coke, or rootbeer?- Coke and Sprite
3. Greenwich, Pizza Hut, or Yellow Cab?- I like Greenwich but here in Colorado they dont have Greenwich brand but i choose Papa Murphy's and Dominos Pizza :-)
4. Adobo, sinigang, or nilaga?- Adobo of course
5. Beef, pork, or chicken?- chicken
6. Starbucks, Coffee bean and tea leaf, or Gloria Jean’s?- Starbucks but i am not a coffee addict :-)
7. Cornflakes, Honey Stars, or Milo cereal?- Hmm i dont eat cereal so much but i prefer oatmeal.
8. Goldilocks or Red Ribbon?- Goldilocks
9. Tokyo Tokyo, Teriyaki Boy or Rai Rai Ken?- I dont know, who are they? hehe :-)
10. Take Out or Dine In?- Both i think

I am passing this tag to all my fellow bloggers: Janet, Beth, Laradee, Elaine and to all my fellow dedicated bloggers who keep visiting my blog. Please feel free to grab this tag. Happy blogging to all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just came back!

We just came back from our group bible study and i learned a lot from our bible study discussion. We're in the Chapter 43 in Revelation book and its really interesting. We talked about how God sustain us with water and how powerful he is. We know that without water, we couldn't live. Water is a source of life and we are so thankful that God gave us enough water. Not only the water but also the spiritual food that he gave us. We can find that spiritual food by reading and meditate what we learned from the bible and apply it to our lives. If you do that, i am sure you will going to have a peaceful and happy life.

Learn Chinese Mandarin at

Would you love to learn Mandarin Chinese? Most of the people nowadays want to learn more than one language. I know little bit of Mandarin but I still need to learn more. Its nice to learn Mandarin though especially that I love to watch Chinese and Korean movies. Its so hard to understand when they talked. Its so fast and confusing. One of my friend already know how to speak Mandarin and she refer me with this website at She told me that it helps her a lot when she start this online chinese lessons at Well, maybe I will try. are here to teach you Mandarin Chinese in a way that not only makes learning Chinese easy, but also fun. This is your chance to learn Chinese! So visit their website for more information and how to start. You can get a Chinese language movies, music videos and CD’s too at their website. They also provide Books, their hand selection collection of books to help you in mastering the Chinese language. So what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese at

Debt Relief

Where do you seek information about Debt relief? People always seek some sort of relief every year and we are one of them. Having debt is really a problem and its hard to get out with it. We need to work hard so that we can pay our debt. We are always seek for a debt relief information and im so glad I came across this website at They have great information of debt relief and it feels good when we get out of debt with the self help methods, isn’t it? The good thing that makes me interested at is that they have this debt relief solutions success stories. I love reading those success stories and it give me ideas on how to get out on debt using their methods. If you visit their website, you can read Today’s News and find out the Glossary of Debt Terms. Their Debt Relief Savings Center is the best place to find the help you need. So why not give them a try? They will show you how to find trustworthy debt relief professionals and explain your options too. They also has a Bill’s Expert Advice, you can ask anything you want when it comes to debt or you can either sign up and get a personal finance newsletter. Visit now and learn how to save money and get out on debt with the help of their debt relief information from Mortgage, Insurance, Bill Consolidation, Loans and Credit.

Im running out of time!

I almost forgot that we have a group bible study tonight. So instead of preparing dinner early at 5:00pm, i prepared it late at quarter to 6:00pm. So we are on hurry to prepare things for dinner and get ready for our book study. We also need to feed our doggies and puppies. Give Dustin a bath and changed him. It takes a while though to get done but anyway, its still 6:43pm here and our book study will be at 7:30pm. I still have time to finished my review, send a photo of our puppies to our buyer and get ready for myself hehe :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BT Paintball

Paintball is one of the exciting sports that i am sure everyone would love. This sports is for everyone. Young, teenager and adults can play this kind of sports. This is fun to play especially if you play with your family or group of friends. My experience of this kind of sports is really great. I enjoy every moment of it, eventhough i am not a good shooter but at least i can still hit them. I remember last time that one of my friend invite me to play paintball. I never try this game before so I am a newbie at their member. She told me this game is really fun and I don’t need to worry about buying paintball gun for myself because they already have one for me. They buy paintball gun and gear online at Their paintball store carries a full line of Spyder, Tippman, BT Paintball, DYE, Draxxus, Empire, GXG paintball equipment and more. They been in the paintball business for over 5 years. So if you like to play paintball and experience on how exciting and enjoyable paintball sports is. Then why not start shopping online now at Its free Fedex Shipping all online orders over $99!

Bangus (Milk Fish) for Dinner...

Its been a long time that i never tried to eat Bangus since i moved here in Colorado. But now? i decided to grilled the Bangus (milk fish) and have it for our dinner tonight. I got this Bangus at the Oriental Store here in Grand Junction area last 2 days ago. Mike dont like Milk Fish so much but im glad he eat some. It really taste good though, the good thing is they already take the bone out so i dont need to worry about taking the bones while eating. I also have Pancit Canton that i cook yesterday, just left over you know. It turns out really good eventhough i am not good in cooking this kind of stuff but with the help of my sister. She told me on how to cook pancit while were talking online and i wrote it down and cook it after the day we talked. Dustin likes it and i cant wait to have another bite of my Pancit and Bangus hehe :-) want some? hehe :-)

Orovo - The Health Supplement Industry

Speaking of the Health Supplement Industry, why not give this one a try? Im talking about the orovo. They are the ground breaking company who provide the line health supplements and beauty products to consumers from all reaches of life. I just came across this website yesterday and I think they have some nice effective products especially when it comes to weight loss, muscle builders, acne and top 10 super foods. For instance, if you are dieting, you can try the Orovo weight loss products like the Orovo X-treme, Orovo detox, Orovo, 7-DFB, 72 hour slimming pill and Lipo seduction 2250. I read some of the testimonials of the people who already tried their products and all of them are losing weight fast and happy with the best results. How about for acne? Well, no worries because orovo provides this amazing supplements that can help your acne gone and leave your skin as healthy and smooth skin. Join Orovo for discounts on all products and Sign in for associate for the best pricing. There’s nothing to lose if you try it! Give it a try and you’ll see the results.


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Monday, July 14, 2008

We watch Hellboy!

Even Mike is not feeling well because of his injured back. But still he treat us for a movie. He wants to see the Hellboy and im glad we did. The movie is really cool, lot of special effects. Dustin really like it, this is his 2nd time to watch movie with us. Im glad because he never scream or make a loud noise inside the theater, he just always say "wow". I thought we will going to watch it at Regal Cinema but they dont have Hellboy showing. So we look up online and see what Cinema that shows Hellboy here in Grand Junction area and im glad we found one. We went to StarMike Cinema, its not as new like in Regal Cinema but its nice though. Not so crowded and there's only few people watching Hellboy. Well.. maybe because its Monday and most of the people are busy working. I am sure on weekends they will be crowded. :-)

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Wow, i was very surprised with the results. It said i have a healthy relationship and thats true. Before i dont have healthy relationship but since i get married and have a child. I felt very happy and contented. How about you? how healthy your relationship is? If you are interested, please take this quiz and post it to your blog. This is for everyone, so if you like the quiz then why grab it? :-) happy blogging everyone!


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Happy Monday Everyone!

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had great morning. Is your hot coffee ready? hehe :-) Well, mike dont have work today, he called his boss to let them know that he cant go to work because of his back pain. He cant move so much right now so i woke up early to help him settle all the puppies and doggies and give them food for breakfast. I also clean our puppies mess in the little room in the kitchen where we keep all our puppies every night. Dustin still sleeping and im glad he dont work today at least we can spend time together. Good news also because yesterday we got another buyer from our puppies. They bought puppies number 3. They just leave deposit to keep hold with the puppies and they will come back this afternoon to give the full payment. So we are happy about it. Hopefully we can get more buyers for our 2 more puppies left. :-)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wholesale Cosmetics

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Not feeling well for the day...

Mike and I are not feeling well for the day. It means we will going to missed the meeting again. Mike work out this morning and when he came back, he told me that his back is really sore. I think he lifted heavy weights and thats the reason why the disc on his back is raptured or maybe dislocate. Anyway, i feel so cold this morning and i feel like all my nerves and muscles are so weak. I am thinking maybe i might have flu and fever today. Its not that bad but i feel really terrible. So instead of going out and do grocery shopping, we end up staying in the house for the whole day. I really want to go out and buy ingredients for my pancit canton but too bad mike and i dont feel better. I think Mike cant go work tomorrow because of his back pain and he needs to call his doctor to check up his back. Hope we will feel better tomorrow. :-)

Friday, July 11, 2008

High Tech Public Relations

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Work out time...

Its been 4 days that we never go workout. Mike was really busy to his work this past few days but im glad he decided to go workout today. Tomorrow is his day off so its good that we workout and relax today at the pool together while Dustin busy playing at the Gold's Gym nursery. I didn't work out so much though because im afraid that maybe it will affect the baby. I just work out with my chest and arms. It was fun and interesting to workout with Mike. Maybe tomorrow after they pick up the puppy, we will go workout again and spend time at the pool with Dustin. Saturday and Sunday at 1-5:00pm is family time in the pool. So its okay to bring the kids every weekend.

Then our puppy number 2 buyer will come buy tomorrow afternoon to pick up the puppy. So bye bye puppy number 2. We will missed you! Hopefully we can get more buyers from our 3 puppies available. Im still hoping that they can find a good family that can take care and give them love and attention.

Zenni on Fox

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Danze Faucets

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Diet Pills

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Sleeping without eating dinner?

Dustin is already sleeping and guess what he didn't eat dinner yet. I tried to wake him up but he looks really tired. He sleep early today at 7:00pm. He didn't take a nap this afternoon thats why he is tired. I feed him little bit before Mike take him with him to buy chinese food outside. When they get back, Dustin was already asleep on the car. How im supposed to wake him up if he dont want to wake up? If i gave him food, he wont take it anyway. Well, i just need to wait until he will feel hungry and wake up. I am sure he will let me know if he gets hungry.

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More calls for the day...

I got a lot of calls today about our puppies. We have few buyers came by to the house and want to look the puppies. It seems like they are interested but they said they need to think about it first and they will call us if they already decide which puppy they want. Anyway, we always hoping that the 3 puppies left will be sold. We already had enough dog in the house and we dont need any thats why we try our best to sell those puppies. We are hoping that the puppy number 6 will recover to her illness on that way the new owner can take her own. Her illness is not that serious though, she is under medication right now and she need more 2 weeks for her medication. We need to make it sure that she will be healthy again before we gave her to her new owner. Will see what happen about few weeks and hopefully we can get more buyer this week :-)

Stem Cell Innovation for Women

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Our buyer change their mind?

2 of our buyer changed their mind about the puppy they bought from us. I cant blame them though, they have the reasons to change their mind. But too bad, they let go the puppy, they got a best choice though. Anyway, we just need to sale the 3 puppy, instead of having 1 puppy available we had 3 puppies available this time. Tomorrow the owner of puppy number 1 will come by and pick up their puppy. They did a good choice, number 1 turned out really a big dog. He is the biggest puppy of all. :-) Hope we can sale the 3 puppies before they get big!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Nikon Binoculars

Its nice to have your own binoculars, it helps you to see the image clear in a distance view. We got one before but we lost it, I think we need another binoculars so that we can use it next time when we go travel or maybe hiking. Talking about binoculars, I came across this website at, they are the leading online supplier of eyewear and sport optics. They carries the largest selection of Nikon and they offers the full line of waterproof Nikon Binoculars. This is not like other binoculars out there that its not convenience to use. This Nikon Binoculars is 100% waterproof, fogproof, shockproof ultra-rugged, rubber armored, roof prism design, you can easily adjust and you can see the clear image and its very convenience. Its worth for the money you pay. So hurry and get Nikon binoculars at!

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking

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Morning Sickness

My morning sickness just start this morning. When i woke up i feel like i want to throw up but i keep holding on it. I eat breakfast with Dustin and have fish for breakfast. I bought that fish at the Oriental Store here in Grand Junction area. I didn't finish my food because i feel like i want to throw up. I think i cant help the smell of the fish. Its kind a stinky for me hehe :-) Everything i eat this morning are useless because i already throw up. I tried to eat different food, i boiled 3 eggs but then i feel the same, i throw it up. I feel terrible this morning. everything i eat seems like it doesn't help. Well, maybe i need to find a sour food, im glad i have Jicama and sour green apple, hopefully it helps.

Deep Treatment Conditioner

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Monday, July 7, 2008

dNeero Pays and ...

What you think about dNeero? For me, their surveys are really interesting. The good thing is they pay you everytime you post the survey to your blog. Not that much though, its just enough to answer the simple survey. If dNeero wont pay bloggers to take the survey and post the survey to their blog, do you think many bloggers are willing to join even they cant get any compensation? Maybe right? but anyway, my earnings from dNeero are still $14.03 waiting for my pending earnings. :-) I cant wait to cash out my earnings from them hehe :-)

Shop for luggage by brand!

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Study in advance...

Study in advance is good at least i am aware with the questions that they want to asked on me. Tomorrow is my personal bible study and i always study in advance to make it sure that i understand the articles and scriptures. I have filipino bible also so if ever the word is hard to understand like deep meaning, i look up to my filipino book and bible to understand what it means. Sometimes its hard, sometimes easy. Bible study helps me a lot to learn more about God. Before i dont like to read bible but when i started to learn and understand what it means? im started to like it and i know everything in the bible was truth. Bible is the word of God. And i believe on it. Im looking forward for my bible study tomorrow morning at 10:00am, i need to woke up early tomorrow and clean the house :-)

Bumble and Bumble Shampoo and Conditioner

How many shampoos and conditioner I been using since when I was in the Philippines? I cant remember them all but it seems like all of them doesn’t work with my hair. It makes my hair dry, my hair become thinner and not healthier as what it supposed to. Anyway, I lost a lot of hair before and everytime I brushed my hair? I see a lot of hair falling. I feel like I have a hair problem that time. My mom try different shampoo in my hair but it doesn’t work. My friends told me maybe I can use a botanical shampoo that can help boosts my hair with sheen, softness and extra body. But I never found one, until I came here in the States, I still use different kind of shampoo but sometimes it scared me because maybe my hair will get worst than before. Some says that I need to trim my hair so that my hair will become thicker and use conditioner everyday.

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Take their puppies home...

Last week our 2 buyers came and wants to take the puppies with them. Its already first week of July. Today, the puppies are 2 months old and they are ready to go to their new owner. They cant wait to take their puppies home. They pay the full payment and they get the puppy. We missed the 2 puppies especially the number 8. She is my favorite of all, she is the biggest brindle female. She has a white heart shape on her chest and she is very pretty dog. She is is playful and healthy. The other one is number 9, he is a big dog too, he turned out a really big dog at his age right now. When he was born he is so small and really dark, i like that dog also, Mike cried when they take the puppy. Its very emotional moment but its okay, i think its really good if all our buyers will come and get the puppy. We have so much dog here in the house and we cant handle them all especially when they get big. We are looking forward this week that some of our buyers will come and get their puppy and pay the full payment. We're just hoping that puppy number 6 will recover soon so that the owner can get her.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

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Sunday Rants!

Sunday is the time to go meeting and spend family time together. But this afternoon, we missed our meeting thats why we decided not to go. Mike work out this morning at Gold's Gym while Dustin and I waiting for him in the house. When he get back from workout, we went to Albertson for grocery shopping. After lunch, we just relaxing and watching movie title "Spartans". I dont like it so much, mike said its one of the dumb movie ever hehe :-) anyway, its funny though, Carmen Elektra is very sexy and gorgeous.

Right now im doing one of my tasked. Im glad they give me one for the day. Im just wondering also why smorty is not giving any opps this month? Its been a month that i never get any opps from them. What happen smorty? are you run our of opps? or just giving opps to those bloggers who has higher page rank? Anyway im still waiting though, i get one this time, so its better than nothing. Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Real Estate Investment College - Nouveau Riche

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Watching Fireworks...

Here in Grand Junction area, every Independence Day, they have fireworks show at night every 9:45pm to midnight. So mike told me that maybe we can watch it on the roof top. This is my first time to be on the roof and of course Dustin is with us. Dustin enjoying the fireworks and we can see it on our roof top. Many of our neighbors do the fireworks too so its really fun to watch. Dustin cant stop saying “Wow and Ohh Wow” hehe. We stay there for about an hour after we watch the fireworks show, Dustin still don’t want to go inside the house, he still want to see the fireworks. So we watch in front of our house, we can still see the fireworks and when I get tired I decided to go in and let Dustin sleep because its already 11:00pm at night, time to say goodnight. Dustin and Mike are sleeping and also our doggies, but im still wide awake. I cant sleep because of the noise from fireworks. Im just watching you tube video here title “My Girl”. After im done here, I will go to bed and had a good night sleep.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

HammeRuler - Commercial

If ever this hammeruler will be out in the market? are you willing to buy one? Me? i dont know, well.. maybe, we have 2 hammer already here in the house and i dont think mike will need another one. But if the price is affordable then why not right? having this 2 in 1 hammeruler might be a big help for us especially for Mike because he is the one who do carpentry, im only his assistant hehe :-)

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy 1st week of July!

Wow, i cant believe that its month of July now. I been here for almost 2 years and 7 months. I think july is the luckiest month for us. Why? Because we already have buyer to our house at Silverthorne, we sold 8 of our puppies, then this month we will get the full payment. That way we can pay our debt from internal revenue tax, mike will also get a driver instructor for my driving lesson this month. The good news is "I am preggy!" hehe :-) Isn't that wonderful? I just had my miscarriage last April and i was very upset that time but God hear my prayer. Hopefully this baby will be healthy. I just found out yesterday for my pregnancy test result (Positive). We are very happy with it and tomorrow i need to call my doctor to make an appointment.