Monday, July 7, 2008

Take their puppies home...

Last week our 2 buyers came and wants to take the puppies with them. Its already first week of July. Today, the puppies are 2 months old and they are ready to go to their new owner. They cant wait to take their puppies home. They pay the full payment and they get the puppy. We missed the 2 puppies especially the number 8. She is my favorite of all, she is the biggest brindle female. She has a white heart shape on her chest and she is very pretty dog. She is is playful and healthy. The other one is number 9, he is a big dog too, he turned out a really big dog at his age right now. When he was born he is so small and really dark, i like that dog also, Mike cried when they take the puppy. Its very emotional moment but its okay, i think its really good if all our buyers will come and get the puppy. We have so much dog here in the house and we cant handle them all especially when they get big. We are looking forward this week that some of our buyers will come and get their puppy and pay the full payment. We're just hoping that puppy number 6 will recover soon so that the owner can get her.

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