Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Monday Everyone!

Good morning and Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had great morning. Is your hot coffee ready? hehe :-) Well, mike dont have work today, he called his boss to let them know that he cant go to work because of his back pain. He cant move so much right now so i woke up early to help him settle all the puppies and doggies and give them food for breakfast. I also clean our puppies mess in the little room in the kitchen where we keep all our puppies every night. Dustin still sleeping and im glad he dont work today at least we can spend time together. Good news also because yesterday we got another buyer from our puppies. They bought puppies number 3. They just leave deposit to keep hold with the puppies and they will come back this afternoon to give the full payment. So we are happy about it. Hopefully we can get more buyers for our 2 more puppies left. :-)

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