Monday, July 21, 2008

I passed my driving test!

At last! i will get my driver license within few weeks. I passed my driving test and about 1-2 weeks they will send my driver license by mail. So i cant wait to get my driver license and start driving with Dustin, visit some friends, go to the mall, do shopping and do the grocery shopping! My driving test went really good. I was really nervous that time but the woman who go with me for my driving test, makes me really comfortable. I never felt scared or get rattle in my driving. I feel at ease and i did it right! i am very happy because she gave me a good compliments for my driving skills. She said i did good, i really improved a lot. Its been a year since i failed my driving test before for 3 times. And now? i told myself that i can do this. And you know what? i did! hehe :-) i am so happy and now im just sitting here in the house and wait for few days to receive my driver license!

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