Friday, July 25, 2008

Testing our Tesoro Metal Detector

We just receive our Tesoro Metal Detector yesterday afternoon. So we assemble the detector right away and do the test. It works pretty good though. At first we try the nail, then the coins and gold and silver jewelries. For me, they all sounds the same but the detector really can detect all of it. The sound change when you point the object at the center of the coil. We try to adjust the sound because it was really loud. The coil is kind a sensitive, when the targets get closer to the coil, the threshold tone will get louder and higher in pitch. So this morning, mike decided to buy a headphone at radioshack. He said it can help us to hear the sound and not let anyone hear it. We buy 2 headphone one for him and one for me. This weekend, maybe we can try our Tesoro Vaquero Metal Detector at the open field or maybe at the old town here in Grand Junction. Will see what happen this weekend. Hopefully we can find a very valuable things, who knows! maybe we can find gold! hehe :-)

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