Friday, July 25, 2008

Eye Irritation and Redness

Since last night, Mike got eye irritation and redness. He told me that it feels like something pooking in his eyes. I thought it just a sore eyes, like eye infection we had in the Philippines but when we went to the doctor this morning. The doctor said maybe his contact lense is dry and have some dirt on it and mike rub his eyes that why it gets irritated. He didn't wear his contact lense for the whole day so i am the one who's driving and take him to his doctor. He cant drive without his contact lense because he cant see clearly. Anyway, the doctor gave him antibiotic and he bought an eye drop and i think his eyes looks better now than this morning. Its not red anymore and im so glad about it. It makes me worry everytime i see him hurt and feel pain. Wish i can do something to make it feel better. Hopefully tomorrow his eyes will be okay ":-)

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