Friday, July 11, 2008

Work out time...

Its been 4 days that we never go workout. Mike was really busy to his work this past few days but im glad he decided to go workout today. Tomorrow is his day off so its good that we workout and relax today at the pool together while Dustin busy playing at the Gold's Gym nursery. I didn't work out so much though because im afraid that maybe it will affect the baby. I just work out with my chest and arms. It was fun and interesting to workout with Mike. Maybe tomorrow after they pick up the puppy, we will go workout again and spend time at the pool with Dustin. Saturday and Sunday at 1-5:00pm is family time in the pool. So its okay to bring the kids every weekend.

Then our puppy number 2 buyer will come buy tomorrow afternoon to pick up the puppy. So bye bye puppy number 2. We will missed you! Hopefully we can get more buyers from our 3 puppies available. Im still hoping that they can find a good family that can take care and give them love and attention.

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