Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Rants!

Sunday is the time to go meeting and spend family time together. But this afternoon, we missed our meeting thats why we decided not to go. Mike work out this morning at Gold's Gym while Dustin and I waiting for him in the house. When he get back from workout, we went to Albertson for grocery shopping. After lunch, we just relaxing and watching movie title "Spartans". I dont like it so much, mike said its one of the dumb movie ever hehe :-) anyway, its funny though, Carmen Elektra is very sexy and gorgeous.

Right now im doing one of my tasked. Im glad they give me one for the day. Im just wondering also why smorty is not giving any opps this month? Its been a month that i never get any opps from them. What happen smorty? are you run our of opps? or just giving opps to those bloggers who has higher page rank? Anyway im still waiting though, i get one this time, so its better than nothing. Happy Sunday everyone!

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