Monday, July 14, 2008

We watch Hellboy!

Even Mike is not feeling well because of his injured back. But still he treat us for a movie. He wants to see the Hellboy and im glad we did. The movie is really cool, lot of special effects. Dustin really like it, this is his 2nd time to watch movie with us. Im glad because he never scream or make a loud noise inside the theater, he just always say "wow". I thought we will going to watch it at Regal Cinema but they dont have Hellboy showing. So we look up online and see what Cinema that shows Hellboy here in Grand Junction area and im glad we found one. We went to StarMike Cinema, its not as new like in Regal Cinema but its nice though. Not so crowded and there's only few people watching Hellboy. Well.. maybe because its Monday and most of the people are busy working. I am sure on weekends they will be crowded. :-)

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