Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bangus (Milk Fish) for Dinner...

Its been a long time that i never tried to eat Bangus since i moved here in Colorado. But now? i decided to grilled the Bangus (milk fish) and have it for our dinner tonight. I got this Bangus at the Oriental Store here in Grand Junction area last 2 days ago. Mike dont like Milk Fish so much but im glad he eat some. It really taste good though, the good thing is they already take the bone out so i dont need to worry about taking the bones while eating. I also have Pancit Canton that i cook yesterday, just left over you know. It turns out really good eventhough i am not good in cooking this kind of stuff but with the help of my sister. She told me on how to cook pancit while were talking online and i wrote it down and cook it after the day we talked. Dustin likes it and i cant wait to have another bite of my Pancit and Bangus hehe :-) want some? hehe :-)

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