Monday, July 21, 2008

Planning to buy a Tesoro Detector?

I never had Tesoro Detector before nor ever tried to use it. But today i just noticed that Mike keep searching it online and it seems like he has a plan to buy one. But when i look at the prices? i was really shocked. This Tesoro Detector cost about $639.20 and the lobo super traq retail is about $799.00. That was expensive isn't it? but Mike said its a good thing to have because maybe we can find a very valuable stuff like old coins, gold, jewelries, watches and more. Then we can sell it after. You can find it everywhere like at the parks, playgrounds, at your backyard, at the fields, beaches, woods or even riverbanks. Well, i think its nice if we can find gold and valuable jewelries and coins. I dont know when he will buy one but will see. He still planning to call that guy from Montrose and ask if he can get the detector for the same price that we saw online. Maybe its fun if we do it together huh? I heard many people owned this kind of metal detector and they become rich because they found a very valuable stuff. Hopefully we can too! hehe :-) will see what happen.

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