Friday, July 4, 2008

Watching Fireworks...

Here in Grand Junction area, every Independence Day, they have fireworks show at night every 9:45pm to midnight. So mike told me that maybe we can watch it on the roof top. This is my first time to be on the roof and of course Dustin is with us. Dustin enjoying the fireworks and we can see it on our roof top. Many of our neighbors do the fireworks too so its really fun to watch. Dustin cant stop saying “Wow and Ohh Wow” hehe. We stay there for about an hour after we watch the fireworks show, Dustin still don’t want to go inside the house, he still want to see the fireworks. So we watch in front of our house, we can still see the fireworks and when I get tired I decided to go in and let Dustin sleep because its already 11:00pm at night, time to say goodnight. Dustin and Mike are sleeping and also our doggies, but im still wide awake. I cant sleep because of the noise from fireworks. Im just watching you tube video here title “My Girl”. After im done here, I will go to bed and had a good night sleep.

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