Monday, July 21, 2008

Driving Test...

This afternoon at 2:00pm i have an appointment for my driving test at Western Slope Driving Institute. They will just evaluate my driving skills and if i do it right then maybe i dont need to enrol at their school and get a driving instructor. Its too expensive you know but hopefully i will passed my driving test so that i can get my driver license. I failed 3 times before for my driving test. I feel nervous and they said i am inconsistent on my driving because i always changed. So i need to work with that and practice more. Mike is at work, so he cant go with me for my driving test this afternoon but im glad Olivia will come with me. She is one of our sister in our congregation, she is nice and friendly. She volunteered to go with me and watch dustin while i do my driving test. So hopefully my driving test this afternoon will be fine. Im kind a nervous but i need to have self confidence on myself. I know i can do this... hopefully i wont failed again hehe :-)

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