Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy 1st week of July!

Wow, i cant believe that its month of July now. I been here for almost 2 years and 7 months. I think july is the luckiest month for us. Why? Because we already have buyer to our house at Silverthorne, we sold 8 of our puppies, then this month we will get the full payment. That way we can pay our debt from internal revenue tax, mike will also get a driver instructor for my driving lesson this month. The good news is "I am preggy!" hehe :-) Isn't that wonderful? I just had my miscarriage last April and i was very upset that time but God hear my prayer. Hopefully this baby will be healthy. I just found out yesterday for my pregnancy test result (Positive). We are very happy with it and tomorrow i need to call my doctor to make an appointment.

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