Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quick update...

Helo everyone! sorry for the late update. I was just busy watching our puppy who are sick right now. She needs more attention and love. She just got lymph nodes and eye infection. The owner of the puppy supposed to pick her up next week but we wont let them take the puppy on her situation. She needs lot of care right now because she was sick. We will let them take the puppy if the puppy are totally healthy. We dont want to be in trouble once the puppy will get sick when they are in the hands of the new owner. As a breeder, we need to make it sure that the puppy are all healthy and no problems. Hopefully the puppy will feel better tomorrow. Right now, the lymph nodes on her neck starting to go down. It looks smaller now than before. Her eyes looks better too, i think the antibiotic helps a lot. Get well soon little puppy!

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