Sunday, June 29, 2008

Quick update...

Helo everyone! sorry for the late update. I was just busy watching our puppy who are sick right now. She needs more attention and love. She just got lymph nodes and eye infection. The owner of the puppy supposed to pick her up next week but we wont let them take the puppy on her situation. She needs lot of care right now because she was sick. We will let them take the puppy if the puppy are totally healthy. We dont want to be in trouble once the puppy will get sick when they are in the hands of the new owner. As a breeder, we need to make it sure that the puppy are all healthy and no problems. Hopefully the puppy will feel better tomorrow. Right now, the lymph nodes on her neck starting to go down. It looks smaller now than before. Her eyes looks better too, i think the antibiotic helps a lot. Get well soon little puppy!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Dave Jhon was born!

Welcome baby Dave Jhon! Im glad you came out already hehe. Im expecting you this end of this month but you came little bit early. But its okay, i am sure your mama cant wait to see you! This is my 2nd elder sister Imee. She just labor her 2nd baby boy name Dave Jhon Romeo last Wednesday at 3:00am at Davao Medical Center (DMC). He is 7.1 lbs and has a lot of hair. He is lovely right? wish i could see him but too bad we are far away. Maybe next time when we came visit my family in the Philippines. This photo taken on my webcam. I missed my family so much and i cant wait to see my lovely nephew!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

18 gray opps...

Oh my! I saw 18 gray opps on my triple P dashboard. I cant believe they are giving those many opps today. Too bad because I never get one. Poor me because I open my computer late. Mike and I are watching “Die Hard with Bruce Willis. We’re just done watching the movie and after I clean the kitchen and put Dustin into sleep then I open my computer right away. And when I checked my triple P dashboard? I was shocked because I saw 18 gray opps and they never gave me even one tasked. I think somebody already taken those opportunities. Next time I need to check my triple P early so that I can grab opps. Better luck next time though hehe.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Goody nights...

We just came back from our book study at Redlands Congregation. But before we go home, one of our sister and brother invited us to come at their house, they prepared goodies for everyone. So everyone who attend group bible study are going so we decided to go also and meet new friends. It was nice, their house is few blocks away from our house. One of the sister ask me if she can come visit me in the house and we can go shopping together. We have the same shoe size and height. hehe :-) She is so nice and i would love to go shopping with her next time. Everyone sleeping already except me. Mike and Dustin are both tired. I will go to bed too in a few minutes, i need to finish this post first before i go. I think my sister wont be online tonight so maybe i can talk with her tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chest Workout...

Yay, when I woke up this morning, I cant hardly stand up and move my arm and chest. Its very sore. Yesterday, Mike and I workout and he workout his chest, so I decided to do the same also. So he teach me to use the free weights. I start a lower number, 5 lbs to 15 lbs. 15 is kind a heavy so I change it into 12.5 lbs. I enjoyed it a lot and I feel the muscle on my chest. Mike guide me on how to do it, because maybe I will screwed up again and use different kind of workout facilities without informing him. He said its not good if you use different kind of facilities and your not concentrating on what part of the body you want to work out on that day. If you don’t use it in a proper way, you will get injured and hurt your muscle. I trust him because he knows everything about workout. My muscle is not used to it, that’s why I feel sore today. Mike said its good, that means my muscle is responding. So hopefully tomorrow this pain will gone so that we can workout again. Hmmm maybe next time I need to work out with my back and lower back. Hopefully its not that painful after workout hehe.

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Profession Tag

Got this tag from my wonderful friend online Rosemarie. Thanks rose for sharing this tag.


1. Copy and paste everything to a new post and Add your name next to your profession (or profession-to-be for undergrads) in the list. Make sure your name is linked to your blog/webbie.
Tip: For easier capture of links, paste into your blog using the “Visual” (for WP) and Compose (for Blogger) modes (not Edit HMTL or HTML).
2. If your profession is not in the list then simply add it to the correct alphabetical place. For example, if you want to add PLUMBER then it should be placed in between ONCOLOGIST and QUEEN.
3. Tag as many people as you can and witness how your technorati will explode!
4. Don’t forget to link back. In your case, link back to Rosemarie.


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Nurse - Mckhoii,

Stay-at-Home-Mom - Tere, Mai, Alpha, Yen, Rosemarie, Femikey

Teacher -

University Employee - Suzanne
Engineer - Emmyrose

Im passing this tag to Janet, Joydob, Debs, Laradee, Mimi, ate liz, rojoy, lemback, joemadel and asawakomahalko.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Our English Mastiff Puppies

These are the latest photo of our mastiff puppies with their parents. They are 6 weeks old. The parents are 15 months old. The fawn is the father and brindle is the mother. We have 6 brindles and 3 fawns litter. The 8 puppies are reserved and we have 1 brindle male available. They just got their first shot and deworm this morning. Enjoy!

Lazy Butt...

I know its been 4 days that i didn't update this blog. This past few days i feel lazy to make an update. I been very busy also watching youtube video. In fact, i dont have any tasked this week so its kinda sad, thats why i just keep myself busy doing things here in the house. Im enjoying cutting the grass, watch our doggies, play with Dustin, watching TV and take a nap every afternoon. Last Saturday, we watch movie at Regal Cinema here in Grand Junction area title "The Incredible Hulk". This is Dustin first time to watch movie in the cinema with us. He really did good, he likes it and he even not scared when they turn off the lights and start the movie. He is very quiet and he really serious watching movie like an adult. We go shopping after we watched movie and this morning mike and I go work out at gold's gym and go to the sauna and pool after. It was fun and were doing okay now as a couple.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Free medical pocket pc software

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"My Girl" Pinoy Version?

May Pinoy version ang My Girl? Wow, I cant believe it! And guess what? Kim and Gerald is the love team on this pinoy teleserye show. It makes me kilig! The story is kind a funny, Kim is really a good actress, she is funny and cute. The way she eat is crazy but why she still skinny? Anyway its okay, she still cute though also Gerald and Enchong are both good looking hehe… Everyday Im always looking forward to watch this series at you tube. I don’t have TFC yet but im glad because there are some people uploading those videos so that people like me that don’t have TFC here abroad, at least we can still watch our favorite Filipino programs online. Go kimrald, I am addicted watching “My Girl” na! cant wait for the next episode. Super kilig na masyado! hehe.

Cheap Hotels

That would be nice if Mike and I can go for a vacation next year. As a family we need to spend time together and enjoy the vacation. But we cant decide yet what country we will going to visit next year for our next vacation and of course the gas is very expensive nowadays that’s why we need to save money so that we can enjoy our vacation this coming next year. When it comes to vacation, most people book their reservation via phone and others are online. But for us? We mostly book our reservation online, this is the easiest way with no hassle. We been to any different travel website but we are not satisfied with it. We are looking for a Cheap Hotels that is affordable and worth staying for. Im glad I came across this website at Because the prices to their hotels are really cheap! I am sure we can save a lot for our next vacation.

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Bible Study...

My personal bible study will start this morning at 10:00am. Renee is not my instructor anymore because he hand over me to Cathy, a sister from Redlands Congregation where Mike and I go. I feel sad that Renee is no longer my bible study instructor but I am happy also that Cathy will continue the bible study with me. She is a nice person and I already close to her since we move here in Orchard Mesa. I learned a lot from our book study this morning, she ask me a few things about what I learned from my bible study before and Im glad that I answer it well. Im very happy that I will be one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, because I saw a good brotherhood in their congregation. The relationship of the family is very important and pleasing Jehovah is what they want to do. And I want to do the same also. I just need to wait until the time when I get ready and prepare my self to get baptized. I don’t know when but hopefully soon.

My past religion is catholic but I am not happy with my religion. I keep on praying that hopefully one day I can met a guy who loves God and we can have a happy family together. I pray also that hopefully I can have a chance to get to know who’s true God is and I want to be close to him and please him. When I meet Mike, I feel like God hear my prayers and I feel very fortunate that I have a wonderful husband and son that I love the most.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quick Update...

Its 10:15pm here, everyone was sleeping except me, im still wide awake because I am still talking online with my sister from the Philippines. Im glad Dustin sleeping already, he didn’t take a nap this afternoon, so his really tired tonight. But he don’t want to go sleep unless I will read him story book first and brush his teeth. He already get used to it and im so glad because he learned a lot from the book I read to him every night. Anyway, I have body pain today. I got it for yesterday from workout. I think I over workout yesterday, instead of doing just abs and chest, I also workout with my arms, legs and my back. Mike told me not to do it in one time because it will give you so much pain after. But its okay, maybe next time I need to work out with my back and chest only hehe.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Shop Online at

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Here we go again!

Goshhh i get frustrated about my computer right now, the blue screen keep showing every now and then and it really bugging me because i am writing a review right now and i didn't save it so now i need to start again. This is very frustrating, i dont know what to do eventhough we already check other files if they installed correctly but i never find any files that is not finished installed. I dont know why this blue screen keep showing. It seems like one of the files been corrupted or something. Do you know how to get rid of this blue screen? If yes, please let us know.

Modern Furniture

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Home Computer Security - Survey

Since our computer been affected with 8 viruses, we are aware now that we need to buy a home computer security or a an-virus software to protect our computer. We have anti-virus before but when its expired, we didn't use it anymore thats why we got 8 viruses. Even the geek squad from Best Buy cant do anything about it. All they can do is to restore our PC. Right now, we are using Kaspersky Anti-Virus and i think it really works. I just need to be careful on visiting other website because maybe we can get another virus :-) well hope not... thats why i keep updating my anti-virus software to protect our PC.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Couple :-)

Its nice to have a loving husband that can love you as much as you love him. And im very fortunate to have a loving husband. We always share laughs together and i know im a big influence of Mike because he is the kind of person that never smile. He smiled if there is something funny but in reality? he is such a serious person. Look at this photo? do we look funny together? I like this photo a lot! we had fun taking this picture together hehe :-)

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Family Time...

It's Sunday so its right to spend time together as a family. We didn't go to the meeting this afternoon because we have something else that we want to do and that was going to the Gym and spend time together at the pool. We stay there for about an hour. And goshhh the water is really cold. Even Mike didn't go to the pool, he stay at the jacuzzi and sauna. But not bad because i like cold one, it doesn't bother me anymore. Dustin like it too but at first he is screaming and he dont want to let go on me. The pool is only 4 to 6 feet not too deep. I like indoor pool than outdoor pool. We really had great time together and it was fun! hopefully we can do it again next time :-)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Waverly Bedding

Looking for Meadow Fern bedding? If you like wild flowers and delicate flowers design then Waverly Bedding is the right website for you. I was really love the style of their bedding, not only that the style of their bedding is really elegant but it also really look refreshing to your eyes. I love this kind of style though, I been searching this online and I couldn’t find the right one for us but im glad I came across this website at, now I know where to find the very elegant bedding that fits to our bedroom. They also have decorative pillow from different style and color. Most of them are made in Pakistan and its 100% Cotton Dry. You can either choose one of their great bedding style from Ashton Peony, Ballad Bouquet, Felicite, Garden Images and Georgette Bedding. The one I really like the most is the Garden Images Bedding. I like flowery designs and its really fit to my style. How about you? Which one do you like the most? Do you like flowery bedding design? If yes, then what are you waiting for? The price at waverly bedding is very affordable and I am sure you wont regret it.

More About Me!

Got this tag from Elaine, thanks for sharing this tag elaine, i really appreciate it. So here are my answers on this "More about me" tag :-)

Here are a bunch of questions about myself:
1. What do you want for your birthday? I dont celebrate birthday but before when i was single, i mostly celebrate my birthday at the beach or at the house.
2. Who will be your next kiss? My baby and hubby
3. When was the last time you went to the mall? Last weekend
4. Are you wearing socks right now? Nope
5. How did you spend your summer? Stay at home and every weekend we go out of town or had a nice ride in the Mesa Canyon
6. Have you been to the cinema in the last 5 days? No
7. What was the last thing you had to drink? Wine
8. What are you wearing right now? Short and sleeveless
9. What was your last purchase? Grocery Items
10. What was the last food you ate? Chicken and chips n dip
11. Who would be the person you would call if you were up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep? My loveones (family) but sometimes i spend time online watching movie at youtube
12. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? yes, a shirt from old navy
13. Do you have a pet? yes we have a lot! 4 adult dogs and 9 puppies, we also have 7 fishes :)
14. What made you laugh in the last 5 days? When dustin do funny things and wants to play with me.
15. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? waterfalls
16. What is the last thing you purchased online? Mary Kay make up kit
17. One thing you hate about yourself? Being naive and stubborn
18. Do you miss anyone? yes. My family and friends from Pinas
19. What are your plans for the day? Not so much, i just take a nap with my 2 year old son and go for a walk in the afternoon to pick up our mail.
20. Last person you msg’d? My hubby (Mike)
21. Ever went to a camp? No
22. Are you a good student in school? Yes, i think so. I am not so smart and dumb though hehe, i am always in the middle.
23. What do you know about the (your) future? Only God knows but i tried my best to be myself and be a good mother and wife to my son and husband.
24. Are you wearing any perfume or cologne? yes, only if we go out for dinner or somewhere.
25. Where is/are your best friend/s right now? Nasa Pinas po. :-) I missed them all!

I am passing this tag to Rosemarie, Rojoy, Janet, Weng, Mimi, Laradee and Beth.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tiga Dua Cellular Online

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The Loan Modification Guide

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Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone! Femikey is kind a tired today but i need to check my email and update my blog because i never update it yesterday. I was kind a upset also because of one of my review been canceled but hopefully after 24 hours they will going to pay me back with that review because i already changed the content. I am happy also because we have 7 puppies reserved and we have 2 more puppies left that is available. Its a lot of money though and we are hoping that our house in Silverthorne will be sold, we are looking forward with that. Actually our Real Estate Agent send us mail and she said someone interested the house and they want to make an offer. Mike and I are okay with that so we decided to lower the price instead of $227.000 we changed it into $224,000. I think thats a good deal right? So will see what happen next week. We already fax all the papers we need to send to our Real Estate Agent, we're just waiting for the results.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rent a car in hong kong...

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I never tried any kind of professional massage. Mike give me massage sometimes but i am such a tickless person. I laugh everytime he touches my back, it tickles me hehe :-) Mike tried the shiatsu massage when he visit me in the Philippines and he said its really good. Wish we can go to a professional massager and experience a very relaxing massage together.

Is it good news?

Everytime we hear good news, we cant deny that it make our heart rejoice and happy. We feel overwhelmed of what we hear. We always love to hear good news than bad news. Talking about good news? last night we receive mail from our real estate agent that said, someone interested the house and she wants us to send a copy for the 2006-2007 tax return, the 2 checks of mike for his salary last month and this month, the letter that she sent us, we need to send that back. The person that interested in our house at Silverthorne are willing to make an offer. I think thats a good news isn't it? We are very happy to hear it and we are always praying that they wont change their mind and they will going to buy that house! We really want to let go that house. We pay 2 mortgages and its too much! We cant afford anymore, so if someone will buy the house so it means, our problems paying that house is over. We need to wait until next week for the results.

AKC Litter Certificate

Our English Mastiff are both AKC Registered (parents). Now that Princess (female brindle mastiff) give birth for 9 puppies, we also need to registered them at AKC and get litter certificate each one of them. The puppy will ready to go first week of July. Last night is our chance to finish the registration process and im glad we did it.

Registering puppies is not free of course. We pay $2 per puppy and $25 for online litter registration. It takes a while to get done but as soon it finished, we dont have any problem at all with our puppies. The seven (7) puppies are already reserved and we have two (2) more puppies left that is available. They are both male brindle. When our buyers ready to pick up their puppies, they will receive the puppy AKC litter certificate and the copy for the first shot and deworm. We pay $60 all in all for the registration. and we're waiting for 3-5 business days to get the litter certificate :-)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Who's Fit?

A survey from dNeero and i really love to take this survey. Actually i dont have problem on my weight. I keep my self slim and even how hard i try my weight still the same. Between me and my partner, my partner need a lot of exercise than me. But i want to accompany with him when he's working out. I didn't say that my partner is over weight. Actually he is in good shape. He lose 10 pounds this month. So i think thats good. How about you? who's fit? you or your partner? take this survey and share your opinions to everyone!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Got this tag from Elaine, thank you so much for sharing this tag to me. I really appreciate it. Its my pleasure to post this tag and i am willing to support the breast cancer awareness.

• The first sign of breast cancer usually shows up on a woman’s mammogram before it can be felt or any other symptoms are present.
• Risks for breast cancer include a family history, atypical hyperplasia, delaying pregnancy until after age 30 or never becoming pregnant, early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after age 55), current use or use in the last ten years of oral contraceptives, and daily consumption of alcohol.
• Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival.
• Ninety-six percent of women who find and treat breast cancer early will be cancer-free after five years.
• Over eighty percent of breast lumps are not cancerous, but benign such as fibrocystic breast disease.
• You are never too young to develop breast cancer! Breast Self-Exam should begin by the age of twenty.
Resources: American Cancer Society National Cancer Institute Komen Foundation
You can help the lives of many women by spreading the word about The Breast Cancer Site pink button as many times as you can. If The Breast Cancer Site receives 8 million clicks on the pink button in June, their premier sponsor -Bare Necessities- will donate $10,000 for more free mammograms. CLICK the pink button today!
I am passing this tag to my fellow bloggers: Rosemarie, janet, dexie, Weng, Joydob, Rojoy, Debs, Laradee, Mimi and Ate Liz.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Car Seats Buying Guide

Did you already find the car seats you like for your baby? If you are looking either for infant or toddlers car seats then shopwiki is the right website for you. There you can find a very affordable car seats price. As a parents we need to provide car seats for our babies to keep them safe. Car seats are vital safety device, that’s why we need to remember that we need to think the safety of our child. In the Philippines I never seen any parents that use car seats for their babies while they are driving. But now I understand how important the car seat is, especially when I came here in the US. I noticed that all parents provide car seats and if you don’t follow it, it will be trouble for the two of you.

They have different types of car seats from different ages, each of the car seats are design suitable for a specific weight and height range of the kid. For infants up to 22 pounds or 26 inches you need to use Infant Car Seat Carriers. Ages 1 year or up to 20 pounds, you need to use the Rear Facing Car Seats. 1 to 4 years and up to 40 pounds, it should be Forward-Facing Car Seats. If the child is over 30 pounds and until the child reaches age 4. Infant-Toddler Seats is the right for him/her. Then last but not the least, 4 to 8 years old who are less than 4’9” tall then the Booster Car Seats is perfect for him/her. I have 2 year old son and we are looking for a new Forward-Facing Car Seats for him. And im glad I found shopwiki, at least we don’t need to go to the store and fight the traffic. We can save more for the gas if we just shop online and find the car seat we need for our little boy. How about you? Find the car seats that is right for your child. Shop at now!

Sketch of the Day...

Nothing so much to say about this sketch. Actually i just got this portrait at one of the Khols Magazine. It caught my attention and i decided to make a sketch of it. This is my latest sketch and i choose it as my "Sketch of the Day". Hope you all like it! Have a great day and happy blogging everyone!

Friday Rants...

Im glad its Friday! but right now i dont feel good, i had headache. Mike will also work 12 hours today. I think he will be home at 7:00pm. Dustin and I are staying here in the house and as usual, i keep an eye with Dustin and our doggies. I receive few calls today abuot our puppies and i think we will have another buyer tonight. We got 5 buyers already and we have 4 puppies left that is still available. 2 males and 2 females. This morning i just finished watching my favorite taiwanese novela title "They Kissed Again". The ending is not that great but i am looking forward for the part 3. I am not sure if they will going to have season 3 but i feel like they will. Cant wait to see the season 3. Anyway, im enjoying watching video at youtube right now title "My Big Love" starring Sam Milby, Christine Hermosa and my favorite actress Toni Gonzaga. I missed all the filipino movie and i am happy that eventhough i dont have TFC but at least i can still watch it at youtube :-)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fashion trend and style at Dockers Contest

I been fascinated about fashion. I love to watch fashion show on TV, America’s Next Top Model and all about Fashion programs. I am not a very fashionable type of person but I like all the fashion trend and style that I saw on TV and not only on TV but also at the store where I can find a great fashion clothes. I love sketching so instead of buying fashion clothes, I made a sketch to it, just for fun you know. Anyway, in the fashion Industry my favorite is Tyra Banks, she is gorgeous and I think she deserve to be the top model. My favorite fashion designer is Jean Paul Gaultier, he was born in Arcueil. He is a very talented, serious, skilled designer who respects the female form and the history of fashion. My own style is very simple but yet elegant. Im not a professional fashion style but hopefully I can enter to the world of fashion. Talking about fashion. Are you willing to join Dockers Contest and create TV Commercial about fashion? This is your chance to win this contest at Dockers! So why not submit your TV Commercial at and you had a chance to vote for the finalists also. The good thing is, if your commercial will be chosen as a winner, they will show on NBC and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They will show on air this coming June 13th during The Tonight Show on NBC. Hurry and create your own Fashion TV Commercial now!
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Number 3 Puppy is Reserved!

We are so happy that we got 5 buyers already for our English Mastiff Puppies. This morning, our 5th buyer came, she is with her son. They are really interested to own a Mastiff Puppy. They choose the puppy number 3. Its Brindle Male. We ask $750 with that and she gave us the $200 deposit. She did a right choice. The number 3 is very cute with the big head and dark face. He is little bit dark for brindle. Number 3 puppy is very cuddly and he just lay down and love every minute we touch him. We still have 4 puppies left that is still available. Puppy number 4, 5, 6 and 9 are available. Number 5 is a fawn female and the rest are all brindle male. They are all $750. If you are interested please leave me message and i will give you the number. I will post the 4 puppies photos that is available here. So watch out with that :-)

Night Vision

Looking for a night vision equipment? At has everything you need when it comes to Night Vision. They have complete selection of night vision equipment in the world including night vision goggles, binoculars, scopes, rifle scope and a lot more. Its nice to have this night vision equipment because even its dark, they can turn the darkest nights into light. Not only the military law enforcement can use this night vision equipment but also the security personnel, nature lovers, hunters and even hikers. So why not use this equipment instead of flashlight? Opticsplanet have very affordable prices, they have low discounted prices for night vision instruments. The good thing is, they offer free UPS shipping on most order over $29.95. So hurry and get your night vision at optics planet!

I missed my friends in the Philippines...

I really missed all my friends in the Philippines. Its been a long time i didn't keep in touch with them. So i decided to give them a call. I called my friend Marianne (Mayan) and we talk about 40 minutes on the phone. Well... i think our phone bill will increase this month hehe :-) i just missed them and i even didn't noticed the time. I tell Mike about it because i dont want him to confront about me if our phone bill is high. I only call them once in a while you know. At least Mike knows that i call my friend to the Philippines. Anyway, we had great time talk on the phone, we talk a lot and i feel good about it. Hope to talk some of my other friends on the phone. Missed them all, i cant wait to go back in the Philippines again. I dont know when but hopefully after 2-3 years from now. :-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lil Wayne Biography

Are you fascinated with the Rap Artist? Who's your favorite rap artists? Is it Lil Wayne? Do you want to know more about him? The good thing is, you can find Lil Wayne Biography and Lil Wayne Lyrics at To those who never heard Lil Wayne, he is one of the rap artists who deeper involved in rap music. He is from New Orleans. His real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. What a nice name isn’t it? So if you are interested to watch Lil Wayne videos and photos visit now and find all your favorite rap artists profile.

Phone Calls...

I was very surprised today because i receive 4-5 phone calls asking about our puppies. They asking about the prices, our address and so on. Tonight there is 1 buyer than would love to see the puppies and maybe he will interested to buy. Will see what happen this afternoon. The 3 women called, they will come by to the house this weekend and see the puppies. It seems like they are interested to buy a puppies and they dont care how much it cost. Actually we have 2 male mastiff that cost $650 because they are both small. We have 1 $850 male mastiff which is the 2nd biggest of all. We also have 4 puppies for $750 for 1 female and 3 male. So if you are interested to own an English Mastiff puppies, please reserve your puppy ahead of time. This is first come first serve, so to those who pay the deposit first, we will reserve the puppy right away for you :-)

Rap Artists Lyrics

Who are your favorite rap artists? For me, there are many rap artists to mention and most of them are great. Actually last week I been looking for a Rap Lyrics for my favorite rap artist, it takes me long time to find the one that im looking for but when I came across this website at, they show me the lyrics right away. Anyway, talking about rap artist lyrics, this is the right website for you. Why not visit and find the rap albums, rap songs and rap artists that you like. They provide the top 5 most popular search rap lyrics including the hustle by Rocko, She got it by 2 Pistols, Lollipop by Lil Wayne and a lot more. Visit now and join the rap forums too!

How Independent Are you?

Your Independence Level: Medium

In some aspects of your life, you can be very self reliant.

Making your own informed choices feels great.

But you aren't as independent as you could be.

When things get stressful, you sometimes run away from the hard decisions you need to make.

Here is my result of this quiz. I am not very independent because i rely sometimes with my family and love ones. But i know what is good and bad for me and i know how to control myself. I am doing my best to become independent but right now? i dont have work yet so i depend with my husband. :-)

Baby Shower Gifts

Looking for a baby shower gifts online? Oh well I know a website that give a great discount for shower gifts. This is the website I will absolutely recommend especially when it comes to mother and child needs. You can find everything that you can imagine at They have a large selection of Baby Shower Gift, Diaper Bags, Cribs, Toy Chest, Baby Furniture and etc. If your expecting a baby on your family or friends then this is your chance to find a great shower gifts for your baby. is the perfect website to find baby stuff because they are the leading supplier for all mother and child needs.

I love shopping online especially when it comes to my baby. Maybe I will try this website and see if I can find a great deal. Actually I found the one that I like the most. Dustin like spiderman and car slippers so maybe I can buy him a new one because his slipper is not fit anymore. Shopping online is more easier than to go to the store and fight the traffic. I don’t drive yet because I don’t have my driver license and I think this is a good chance for me to buy Dustin needs like clothes, toys and slippers. Why not try it now? Get a great deal at!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Get a Life Insurance Quotes!

Having Life Insurance is very important. We never know what will going to happen in the future. We have many bills to pay and how about when you get sick and something will going to happen to you? Do you think your family can afford to pay everything and just leave everything behind? When you are married and have children, you want them to be secured right? They will be secured that no matter what happen, they don’t have to worry about money. So if you don’t have life insurance yet, this is your chance to get a life insurance quotes at You can choose either term life insurance, return of premium, whole life survivorship, universal life and mortgage life insurance.

We rely to our Life Insurance especially when it comes to medical bills. When I was in the Philippines? I don’t have life insurance with my own. I don’t know much about it, I just learn it from here when I get married. Mike explained it to me and now I understand how important life Insurance is to our life. Life Insurance can give us peace of mind. We don’t need to worry about where to get money when you are sick or even when you die because you know that your family, wife and children will be secured in the future.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Rice Price Crisis?

I cant believe that the price of the rice right now worldwide increased especially in the Philippines where my family lives. Before when i was in the Philippines last 2005, the price of the rice is about 27 pesos but right now? its already 52 pesos? Wow, that is too much! My sister told me about it while were chatting online and i was very shocked. 52 pesos are too much! Not only that, she also told me that you can still get "NFA Rice" that cost 18-20 pesos but you need to fall in line and woke up early to go to the market. I cant believe this is happening. I think the bible at Revelation that tells there is food shortages and earthquakes coming are happening right now. Its kind a scary to think about it, many people will suffered because of these. The government need to do an action and find ways how to solve this problem. I am not in the Philippines right now but i feel worried for my family and my relatives. Rice is one of the main source food in the Philippines and i know there are thousands or millions of people that dont have job. I feel pity to those people who cant afford and suffered today because of this matter. Hope everything will go back to normal and decreased rice prices. This news is a big problem all over Asia. The Rice Prices will increased 40-50% in coming months. Many people will be hungry and maybe it will end up a riot or a big fight against the government.

Please visit MSNBC News for more information about this Rice Price Crisis.

Where the opps?

Yay, this month is kind a slow for me especially when it comes to opps. I am not sure if i can reach $500 this month. Last month i only got $850, not so bad though and i understand why i didn't get enough tasked for this day. There are thousands or millions of bloggers around the world right now and i am sure they want to earn money through blogging also. There are only few blog advertising on the web and many advertisers too as well. Everyone are expecting to get tasked and earn extra cash but right now? I think page rank is really important, not only page rank but also the content and backlinks of your blog. The more you will work the content and backlinks? i am sure many advertisers are willing to sponsor and pay you by writing positive reviews to their products and services. Blogging is fun and i am sure many of you are working so hard to make your blog noticeable. Like me, i tried my best to update all my 4 blogs on that way i can earn money with my other blogs. Need a lot of patience and i need to work hard with my grammar too. hehe :-) I missed the opps and i cant wait to have more tasked this month.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Own Design...

I love sketching and designing clothes, but the problem is i dont know how to sew hehe :-) I want to become a fashion designer but i dont know how to start. Anyway, i just love to sketch and make my own design. Im having fun doing it and im glad i made it :-) Its hard at first but i know there's a lot going on in my mind especially when i start sketching. So here are the two of my latest sketch. Not as perfect but i like the designs, it simple but elegant.

A site that pays for video -

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