Thursday, June 5, 2008

Number 3 Puppy is Reserved!

We are so happy that we got 5 buyers already for our English Mastiff Puppies. This morning, our 5th buyer came, she is with her son. They are really interested to own a Mastiff Puppy. They choose the puppy number 3. Its Brindle Male. We ask $750 with that and she gave us the $200 deposit. She did a right choice. The number 3 is very cute with the big head and dark face. He is little bit dark for brindle. Number 3 puppy is very cuddly and he just lay down and love every minute we touch him. We still have 4 puppies left that is still available. Puppy number 4, 5, 6 and 9 are available. Number 5 is a fawn female and the rest are all brindle male. They are all $750. If you are interested please leave me message and i will give you the number. I will post the 4 puppies photos that is available here. So watch out with that :-)

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