Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Rants...

Im glad its Friday! but right now i dont feel good, i had headache. Mike will also work 12 hours today. I think he will be home at 7:00pm. Dustin and I are staying here in the house and as usual, i keep an eye with Dustin and our doggies. I receive few calls today abuot our puppies and i think we will have another buyer tonight. We got 5 buyers already and we have 4 puppies left that is still available. 2 males and 2 females. This morning i just finished watching my favorite taiwanese novela title "They Kissed Again". The ending is not that great but i am looking forward for the part 3. I am not sure if they will going to have season 3 but i feel like they will. Cant wait to see the season 3. Anyway, im enjoying watching video at youtube right now title "My Big Love" starring Sam Milby, Christine Hermosa and my favorite actress Toni Gonzaga. I missed all the filipino movie and i am happy that eventhough i dont have TFC but at least i can still watch it at youtube :-)

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