Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone! Femikey is kind a tired today but i need to check my email and update my blog because i never update it yesterday. I was kind a upset also because of one of my review been canceled but hopefully after 24 hours they will going to pay me back with that review because i already changed the content. I am happy also because we have 7 puppies reserved and we have 2 more puppies left that is available. Its a lot of money though and we are hoping that our house in Silverthorne will be sold, we are looking forward with that. Actually our Real Estate Agent send us mail and she said someone interested the house and they want to make an offer. Mike and I are okay with that so we decided to lower the price instead of $227.000 we changed it into $224,000. I think thats a good deal right? So will see what happen next week. We already fax all the papers we need to send to our Real Estate Agent, we're just waiting for the results.

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