Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Phone Calls...

I was very surprised today because i receive 4-5 phone calls asking about our puppies. They asking about the prices, our address and so on. Tonight there is 1 buyer than would love to see the puppies and maybe he will interested to buy. Will see what happen this afternoon. The 3 women called, they will come by to the house this weekend and see the puppies. It seems like they are interested to buy a puppies and they dont care how much it cost. Actually we have 2 male mastiff that cost $650 because they are both small. We have 1 $850 male mastiff which is the 2nd biggest of all. We also have 4 puppies for $750 for 1 female and 3 male. So if you are interested to own an English Mastiff puppies, please reserve your puppy ahead of time. This is first come first serve, so to those who pay the deposit first, we will reserve the puppy right away for you :-)

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