Monday, June 23, 2008

Lazy Butt...

I know its been 4 days that i didn't update this blog. This past few days i feel lazy to make an update. I been very busy also watching youtube video. In fact, i dont have any tasked this week so its kinda sad, thats why i just keep myself busy doing things here in the house. Im enjoying cutting the grass, watch our doggies, play with Dustin, watching TV and take a nap every afternoon. Last Saturday, we watch movie at Regal Cinema here in Grand Junction area title "The Incredible Hulk". This is Dustin first time to watch movie in the cinema with us. He really did good, he likes it and he even not scared when they turn off the lights and start the movie. He is very quiet and he really serious watching movie like an adult. We go shopping after we watched movie and this morning mike and I go work out at gold's gym and go to the sauna and pool after. It was fun and were doing okay now as a couple.

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