Tuesday, June 10, 2008

AKC Litter Certificate

Our English Mastiff are both AKC Registered (parents). Now that Princess (female brindle mastiff) give birth for 9 puppies, we also need to registered them at AKC and get litter certificate each one of them. The puppy will ready to go first week of July. Last night is our chance to finish the registration process and im glad we did it.

Registering puppies is not free of course. We pay $2 per puppy and $25 for online litter registration. It takes a while to get done but as soon it finished, we dont have any problem at all with our puppies. The seven (7) puppies are already reserved and we have two (2) more puppies left that is available. They are both male brindle. When our buyers ready to pick up their puppies, they will receive the puppy AKC litter certificate and the copy for the first shot and deworm. We pay $60 all in all for the registration. and we're waiting for 3-5 business days to get the litter certificate :-)


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