Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is it good news?

Everytime we hear good news, we cant deny that it make our heart rejoice and happy. We feel overwhelmed of what we hear. We always love to hear good news than bad news. Talking about good news? last night we receive mail from our real estate agent that said, someone interested the house and she wants us to send a copy for the 2006-2007 tax return, the 2 checks of mike for his salary last month and this month, the letter that she sent us, we need to send that back. The person that interested in our house at Silverthorne are willing to make an offer. I think thats a good news isn't it? We are very happy to hear it and we are always praying that they wont change their mind and they will going to buy that house! We really want to let go that house. We pay 2 mortgages and its too much! We cant afford anymore, so if someone will buy the house so it means, our problems paying that house is over. We need to wait until next week for the results.

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