Monday, June 2, 2008

Rice Price Crisis?

I cant believe that the price of the rice right now worldwide increased especially in the Philippines where my family lives. Before when i was in the Philippines last 2005, the price of the rice is about 27 pesos but right now? its already 52 pesos? Wow, that is too much! My sister told me about it while were chatting online and i was very shocked. 52 pesos are too much! Not only that, she also told me that you can still get "NFA Rice" that cost 18-20 pesos but you need to fall in line and woke up early to go to the market. I cant believe this is happening. I think the bible at Revelation that tells there is food shortages and earthquakes coming are happening right now. Its kind a scary to think about it, many people will suffered because of these. The government need to do an action and find ways how to solve this problem. I am not in the Philippines right now but i feel worried for my family and my relatives. Rice is one of the main source food in the Philippines and i know there are thousands or millions of people that dont have job. I feel pity to those people who cant afford and suffered today because of this matter. Hope everything will go back to normal and decreased rice prices. This news is a big problem all over Asia. The Rice Prices will increased 40-50% in coming months. Many people will be hungry and maybe it will end up a riot or a big fight against the government.

Please visit MSNBC News for more information about this Rice Price Crisis.

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