Monday, June 2, 2008

Where the opps?

Yay, this month is kind a slow for me especially when it comes to opps. I am not sure if i can reach $500 this month. Last month i only got $850, not so bad though and i understand why i didn't get enough tasked for this day. There are thousands or millions of bloggers around the world right now and i am sure they want to earn money through blogging also. There are only few blog advertising on the web and many advertisers too as well. Everyone are expecting to get tasked and earn extra cash but right now? I think page rank is really important, not only page rank but also the content and backlinks of your blog. The more you will work the content and backlinks? i am sure many advertisers are willing to sponsor and pay you by writing positive reviews to their products and services. Blogging is fun and i am sure many of you are working so hard to make your blog noticeable. Like me, i tried my best to update all my 4 blogs on that way i can earn money with my other blogs. Need a lot of patience and i need to work hard with my grammar too. hehe :-) I missed the opps and i cant wait to have more tasked this month.

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