Thursday, June 5, 2008

I missed my friends in the Philippines...

I really missed all my friends in the Philippines. Its been a long time i didn't keep in touch with them. So i decided to give them a call. I called my friend Marianne (Mayan) and we talk about 40 minutes on the phone. Well... i think our phone bill will increase this month hehe :-) i just missed them and i even didn't noticed the time. I tell Mike about it because i dont want him to confront about me if our phone bill is high. I only call them once in a while you know. At least Mike knows that i call my friend to the Philippines. Anyway, we had great time talk on the phone, we talk a lot and i feel good about it. Hope to talk some of my other friends on the phone. Missed them all, i cant wait to go back in the Philippines again. I dont know when but hopefully after 2-3 years from now. :-)

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