Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Goody nights...

We just came back from our book study at Redlands Congregation. But before we go home, one of our sister and brother invited us to come at their house, they prepared goodies for everyone. So everyone who attend group bible study are going so we decided to go also and meet new friends. It was nice, their house is few blocks away from our house. One of the sister ask me if she can come visit me in the house and we can go shopping together. We have the same shoe size and height. hehe :-) She is so nice and i would love to go shopping with her next time. Everyone sleeping already except me. Mike and Dustin are both tired. I will go to bed too in a few minutes, i need to finish this post first before i go. I think my sister wont be online tonight so maybe i can talk with her tomorrow.

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