Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Quick Update...

Its 10:15pm here, everyone was sleeping except me, im still wide awake because I am still talking online with my sister from the Philippines. Im glad Dustin sleeping already, he didn’t take a nap this afternoon, so his really tired tonight. But he don’t want to go sleep unless I will read him story book first and brush his teeth. He already get used to it and im so glad because he learned a lot from the book I read to him every night. Anyway, I have body pain today. I got it for yesterday from workout. I think I over workout yesterday, instead of doing just abs and chest, I also workout with my arms, legs and my back. Mike told me not to do it in one time because it will give you so much pain after. But its okay, maybe next time I need to work out with my back and chest only hehe.

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