Monday, April 28, 2008

Boston Movers at

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Good afternoon everyone! happy sunday to all! Hope you all had great day. Me is not so good because i am too emotional today. If you want to know why i am emotional, you can visit my parenting journey blog, there you can read information about whats going on of my pregnancy. Im kind a worried at the same time scared. I am not used to it with this situation, i never had this thing on my first pregnancy. I only have this for my second pregnancy and its a nerve racking for me. So to those who had the same experience as me please share your opinions and ideas, maybe it helps me to feel better. :-)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Free Baby Stuff at Babies Online

To all mommy’s out there, this is your chance to get a Free Baby Stuff at Babies Online. For me? As a mother of my 2 year old son, I always want to get a free stuff for my baby. How about you? Im so glad to find this website at at least I can get a free stuff for my baby including a free baby talk magazine, free american baby magazine for 6 month subscription, free diaper bag, free sample of Enfamil, win a year’s supply of pampers and a lot more. You better check it out and see to your self. You can check the box that you like next to the free baby samples you would like to receive and fill up the form. Isn’t that easy? So hurry and visit and get free baby stuff for your baby!

4 Things about Me

Thanks Rojoy for sharing this cool tag. Its my pleasure to this tag, thanks and i really appreciate it.

4 Jobs I’ve had in my life:
1. Full time housewife
2. Computer typist
3. Cashier
4. Home Ikananay

4 Shows I’d DVR(Tivo)
1. Shrubs
2. MTV
3. The riches
4. Discovery Channel

4 Places I’ve Been
1. Michigan
2. Las Vegas
3. Philippines
4. Colorado

4 Favorite Foods
1. Any Asian Foods
2. Sea foods
3. Cheese cake and icecream
4. Pizza

I am passing this tag to my fellow bloggers: Janet, Elaine, Virgie, Debbie and Weng.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Pueblo Colorado and Orlando Vacation

This month of August, we are planning to go to the City of Pueblo, Colorado to attend convention. Mike and I are looking for a best hotel in Pueblo online. We are so glad to find this website at because they really combine and compare all the great destinations in the world including Orlando, London, Paris, Rome, New York, Houston, Venice and a lot more. We been there in Pueblo before to buy a mastiff puppy, we stay there overnight at Comfort Inn Hotel. Its really a great stay for us, the location is really nice and they have nice view too. If your destination is not on the list, you can write the city you like to visit and click search after. This is really useful, it helps a lot to find the best hotel in a very affordable price.

I tried to research hotel in Orlando too in case Mike and I will going to visit their next year for our family vacation. And guess what? Within a second they show me right away all the hotels in Orlando, they have 353 hotels found in that city and that’s kind a interesting because they also provide the reviews, the map, more photos of the hotels, description and location. I love watching the photos, I make it sure that the room is look nice and affordable. If ever we can travel at Orlando, Florida next year? I am sure we will going to stay at Quality Inn International Drive Orlando. The price is not so bad its only $64 per night. Its very affordable and its right for our budget. ike get used to it to stay at Quality Inn or Holiday Inn Hotel every time he travel just like when we went to Michigan Last year 2006. Mike wants to show me the nicest place at Orlando and he wants to show me how pretty it is in Tampa Bay. I am sure we will go also at Walt Disney World Resort. That is one of my biggest dream to travel in Orlando and see the Disney World Resort.

Anyway, this month of August, we already make a reservation for one of the hotels in Pueblo for our convention. Of course, with the help of hotels combined, we find right away the hotels that we want to stay. We will stay at Best Western Eagleridge Inn and Suites Pueblo because the price is only $85 per night. How about you? Where is your next destination? If you are looking for a hotel everywhere in the country, try this and you will see how easy and fast it is to find the hotel that you are looking for.

Overtime work...

Right now, Mike is on the bed, resting and maybe taking a nap because tonight at 11:30pm he will going to work until midnight and maybe he will came home early in the morning. They need something to do at their substation, i think they will going to shut down the electricity. So, Dustin and I will stay here in the house together with our doggies. But im glad Mike dont have work tomorrow, at least he can take a rest more. I am so glad also because i grab another tasked for this day, this is the second one and its $18. Thats pretty good huh? hopefully tomorrow i can grab more tasked. So will see what happen tomorrow. :-)

Good Afternoon everyone!

Yay, its kind a lazy day for me today. But even though i dont feel good i try to do something that keeps me busy. When i lay down and just rest, i feel like it getting worst, makes me dizzy or something. But im feel better now, just problem with my back, maybe im getting old hehe :-) This morning i had a chance to update my parenting journey blog and im glad because i get a new template with 4 columns. I never thought i will going to have a tasked for the day too but im glad they give me one for 20 dollars. Thats more better than nothing right? So while Dustin is sleeping and while waiting for Mike to come home, i need to finish this tasked and at 4:00pm i will start cooking our dinner and feed the doggies.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

O'Reilly Shame on you articles...

When I research online about social media strategy, I came across this website at The articles they provide is very interesting, it caught my attention right away. They talked about google, they said google will no longer be able to host the Webguild meetings, oreilly will not also changed the web 2.0 conference. Im kind a confuse little bit about this matter because I don’t know so much who Oreilly is and what kind of conference or meeting they will going to have. So it means Oreilly is not doing his job? It said he is using under handed tactics, suing non-profits and getting the old boys network to do his dirty work. Isn’t that terrible? Anyway, at web guilt website, you can also submit your stories or an article that would be of interest to the web community. This is your chance to be heard your story all over the web. They have list of jobs too, including web development, web marketing, web analytics, internet marketing, social networking, online advertising, web design, product manager and a lot more. You better check their website and see all the interesting articles about online advertising, search, social networking, social media, web 2.0 and so on. Share also to your friends about this website and don’t forget to submit you stories at

No book study for today

Thursday is my personal bible study. But how can i have my bible study if i dont feel good? Im glad Renee called me and ask me how i feel, if i feel better or not. I tell her that i dont feel good, maybe we can try another Thursday again, it depends if i feel better next week. My second pregnancy is not as good as my first pregnancy. I always feel sick this past few days, always tired, sleepy, back pain, i dont have any energy today to do something in the house, i just need to relax and lay down on the bed. Well, i will do that after im done with my 2 tasked. When i woke up this morning i feel like i have a sore throat. My voice is terrible today hehe :-) i cant even talk a lot, its hurt everytime i swallow food and drink water. Is this normal for the early pregnancy?

Rare Coin

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I feel really weak today...

Yesterday after my check up and interview with my nurse, they let me go to the other building and get a blood draw for HIV blood test. It takes long time to get done, it seems like they get a lot of blood on me that time. They need to fill up the 5 bottles and i feel like i cant make it anymore. My blood flow is very slow because i dont drink too much water on that day. I feel very uncomfortable on that day, my 2 arms is really sore and i feel really weak after they draw my blood. Im not used to it to this kind of things, when i have my blood test before at the Philippine Embassy when im working with all my papers, they didn't get lots of blood, they only fill up 1 bottle. Not like yesterday they need to fill up the 5 bottles, Mike is really mad, if they ask to get another blood test on me, then Mike will say No, if its not really important then why not get another blood test right? Right now i feel very weak, and i feel like im going to have a fever. I feel terrible :-(

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coupon Codes Mall

Nowadays, we know that all prices are increasing from Gas, Food, Clothes and all things we need from our everyday life. So when It comes to shopping, we need to make it sure that we can save and not spending a lot. The solution is to find coupons online so that in case you want to go shopping to your favorite shopping mall then at least you can saved more. Many people love to shop online, this is an easiest way to shop than to go to the store and fight the traffic. I am not used to it to shop online but if I saw one that I like the most and if I find a coupon with it then why not right? As long it doesn’t cost too much and I can still save for my shopping. I know a person that love to shop online, she always looking for a purse and branded bags online and I recommend her to get a coupons so that she can save for her next shopping. One of our friend also here love to shop online at Amazon website. So I told her to get an Amazon Coupons, Amazon Coupon Codes, Amazon deals or Amazon Discounts. At least when she go shop online in Amazon then she don’t need to spend a lot and she can save more if she has all this things. Its nice to have coupons, every time Mike and I go shopping, I keep all the coupons so that next time when we come back then we can save.

Saving is the best thing to do nowadays and im so glad to find this website at This is a website where you can read articles about the Coupon Codes Mall Review and where to get a coupons to your favorite shopping mall. This is kind a interesting website though, I love reading review especially when it comes to get discounts coupon codes. At Coupon Codes Mall, it caught my attention about this article that talks about how to find the best digital camera. I know many people are looking for a best deal digital camera online to use for their everyday life. Having digital camera is a good thing because you can capture all the happiest and memorable moment with your love ones and family. Not only that they also has articles about Amazon Coupons E-Book - Link Fixed. You better check all the articles they provide, its really interesting, I am sure you would love to know about all this things and read all the positive reviews about Coupons Codes.

Another tasked...

Wow, i was very surprised that they giving me 5 tasked for the day. Im so lucky to grab those tasked. 4 for $15 each and 1 for $5. Not so bad, better than nothing hehe :-) Because this past few days since my PR is gone and back to 0 again, im thinking maybe i cant get any tasked at all and I cant earn money this month. Better to think positive huh? Thinking negative is not a good thing, the more you think that way, it makes you feel upset. We need to move on and wait until our PR will come back, but either i have PR or not, it doesn't matter. I just need to work with my backlinks and contents, that way i can get my Page rank back and my traffic will increase.

Justin Boots

I envy those people who wear a nice boots. I always see on TV especially those cowboys who love to wear those lovely boots. Wish I could have one too, its nice to wear it especially in winter and summer. I saw many people wear boots here in Grand Junction area especially when Mike and I go walk around downtown. Talking about boots, would you love to have one? I found this website at, they have Justin boots available for men’s, ladies and kids boots. They feature a great selection in Justin Boots. They have over 25 years of experience with cowboy boots and western wear. If you are planning to get a new Justin Boots then is the right website for you to shop boots. They feature Justin Boots, Dan Post, Nocona, Acme, Ariat Boots and Double H Cowboy Boots. I’m thinking of getting kids booth for Dustin and for Mike too because Mike boots is not look good anymore. He needs a new one that he can use from work and guess what? They have Justin Boots Men’s Work Boots. I am sure Mike would love it, the price is not so bad, its very affordable for a very good boots brand like Justin Boots. How about you? Planning to get one? Visit and find the boots that you like!

Men's Wedding Rings

Are you looking for a Men’s Wedding Rings? No worry because I know a website that carry a large selection of Men’s wedding bands and rings. Do you know what their primary focus is? Their primary focus is on the hard metals such as tungsten-carbide, titanium and stainless steel wedding bands and they also carry some of the softer metal wedding bands. So if you don’t like a gold wedding rings and you like the stainless steel kind of wedding ring then this is your chance to find the best wedding ring you can have for your wedding at I like metals and stainless steel kind of ring, maybe I can buy mike a stainless steel wedding band because its not expensive, very affordable and the color wont fade too. The Men’s Titanium wedding ring with 14K Gold Inlay is really nice too, guess what? You can get it for only $129.00. Isn’t that affordable? This might be a good gift that you can give to your husband. I am sure they would love it and they will be happy to receive gift from you. Any kind of rings for Men’s are available here at You don’t have to fight the traffic to get it in the store, you can order it online and choose the one that best for your men.

Doctor Appointment

This afternoon at 3:10pm, i will going to have my doctor appointment and meet my OB for the first time. Mike said he will be home at 3:00 pm so it means we will be late this afternoon. I told him that my appointment is 3:10 and he thinks that its 4:10 hehe :-) well i told him to be home early at 2:00pm. Dustin is not feel good too so maybe we need to get an appointment for him too. Oh well, i forgot Dustin has his doctor appointment this May 14, next month for his shot. Next week Wednesday, i need to go back for my OB to have my prenatal. I think this afternoon they will just interview me and get my information. Will see what happen this afternoon hehe :-)

New GMC Manchester NH

Are you a fan of GMC Truck? My husband does. He loves GMC truck because it really good for his job. Now that we have big dogs, of course we need a big truck to fit our dogs. Truck is really a good thing because they can ride at the back of the truck, we just need to buy a cover so that they wont jump in the car. We have 2 English mastiff and having a GMC Truck, it helps us a lot because they have more bigger space at the back of the truck and the dog is really fit in there unlike the small truck that we have before, its too small and they can't hardly fit , that’s why we exchange it into a new big truck. I mentioned on my other post about the Mazda car and now I am talking about this Huge GMC Truck Inventory at Manchester NH area. If you are planning to buy a new GMC Truck then this is the right website for you. Why? Because they have great popular GMC Truck models from Sierra, Canyon, Arcadia, Yukon, Envoy or Savana. So you can choose whatever you want that fits your style and needs. Visit and find the New GMC Manchester NH truck that you like or you can get a quick quote at their website. So hurry visit now and see the new GMC models at Manchester NH.

New Mazda Manchester NH

Mazda has an impressive history as a leader in the automotive industry. Some people like to have their own Mazda because this kind of car is really good and fun to drive. I remember the advertisement where they show a new Mazda who always come back to Zoom-Zoom. I like that advertisement a lot, one of our friend here own Mazda and she said she really satisfied and happy of the car she got and she wants to get a new one for her mom. We don’t have Mazda car but I would love to have one if ever Mike will exchange our Yukon to new Mazda. I don’t know if that’s possible but hopefully. Anyway, talking about Mazda, have you ever find your new Mazda? Guess what? If you are from Manchester you owe it to yourself to check out the incredible inventory of New Mazda Manchester NH at Werner Mazda. I love searching car online and when I came across this website at, it makes me interested right away. I am not from Manchester so I will absolutely recommend this to all people who lived from Manchester. You wont find a better selection of new Mazda in the Manchester- Nashua- Concord, NH area than at Werner Mazda, so you better check it out and see the hundreds of New Mazda available in the Manchester NH area. Visit for more information.

Happy Wednesday!

Its Wednesday again! but its not nice outside, the weather is windy and moggy, it seems like it will going to rain, kind a cold outside so im get lazy to go out. My back is really sore this morning. Maybe its normal for an early pregnancy. And i am big worried too because Dustin throw up 2 times last night so i keep watching him this morning and make it sure not feeding him a lot because maybe he will throw up again. It seems like he dont feel good, when i touch his forehead, i noticed that he has a fever so i gave him tylenol for baby right away. This afternoon i have my doctor appointment and Mike will work half day today so im waiting for him to come home this afternoon, maybe at lunch time :-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Mercedes DC

Hey good news people! Are you planning to buy a new Mercedes for you and for your family? Guess what? If you are 200 miles away of the Washingdon DC area you better check out the incredible inventory of New Mercedes DC at American Service Center Mercedes in Arlington, VA. You can get the Mercedes Benz that you are dreaming of, any model you like they have it for you. I was dreaming of having my own Mercedes too, but I don’t have a job right now so I cant buy it yet but maybe one day when the right time comes if I can make my own credit maybe that’s the first thing I could do, to buy my own car. Anyway, when I came across this website at It really amazed me to see their popular new Mercedes-Benz models from G-Class, S- Class, C-Class, E-Class, CLK-Class and a lot more. If you like sports then you better choose the world class CLK, this is the ultimate sports car with thrilling performance you have to experience. There are 100s of new Mercedes Benz available right now in the Washington DC area. So if you are interested please visit and find your new Mercedes-Benz!

We bought a new printer!

Our old printer (Brother) is still working but only for black print but with the color, there is problem with it. Everytime i print? instead of having a great color then it ends up showing the color green. Mike said the color red is not working anymore, we need to buy another cartridge. So instead of buying a new cartridge we end up buying a new printer. We bought it last Saturday, we had new Canon Pixma MX700. Its really nice, it really works good and i like the way the set up is. I can even print a photo because you can put your memory card and you can see the photo you want to print. Its kind a neat huh? Mike takes too long to set up the printer because at first the color is not working only the black but he find the ways how to work the printer and im so glad its okay now. So i can use the printer whatever i want especially in printing photo. :-)

What a lovely day!

Im very happy that today is sunny and its not windy not like yesterday. This is what i like in a weather. At least i dont need to wear jacket when we go out with Dustin. After lunch, Dustin and I go out and pick up the mail, we walk around the block too. When we get home, i let him play outside in our backyard while me is picking up the doggie poop. After that i gave cocao and bandit (pitbull and jackrussel terrier) a bath because Mike bought them a small round pool. Dustin wants to take a bath too but the water is too cold for him, so i just let him play and do splashing in the water. He likes it! he is really wet when i let him in. It was funny though because he even dont want to come in, but he need to change and i need to give him snack too before he take a nap for the afternoon. I fall asleep too when i woke up i remember that i need to thaw the meat because its frozen. I need to cook that tonight so it needs to be thawed. Im so happy because it was lovely day out and i do a lot outside with Dustin for the day!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Metal Buildings

Are you looking for a steel building systems or Metal Buildings systems online? I found this website at They have everything you need especially if you are planning to build an agricultural metal buildings. Only Apex Building System offer the finest quality in pre-engineered metal buildings and metal building accessories. You can order it online and get a cost effective quality of their products and metal building with a quick delivery. Why Apex? Because they have great reputations for their business and they have experienced with over 20 years of metal building construction. The good thing is they are always be competitive in their pricing and that’s a good thing at least you don’t need to pay much. It really makes me interested that’s why I recommend this to all people who are looking for a pre-engineered metal and steel buildings. You can get a free quote at their website or you can contact them for more information. Did you know what Apex are specialize with? They specialize in pre-engineered metal buildings, commercial metal buildings, warehouse metal buildings, metal storage, sheds, garages and a lot more. So if you want to know more about Apex then call them today and see how they can help you with this matter. If you visit their website you can also get a free report on how to save with "Green" Buildings. Try it now and you will see what im talking about.

Just waiting...

I was upset this morning because i never get any tasked. So instead of checking and chasing any opps then i decided myself to watch youtube videos to keep myself busy and entertain. I watch the koreanovela title "To marry a millionaire", im on Episode 14 already and its really interesting love story. The actor is look like Philip Salvador but he is really good looking guy. The girl is cute too but i dont like the way she dressed only if she dressed casual because she look pretty hehe :-) Anyway, this afternoon im so happy because when i check one of my advertising, i found 2 tasked for me, so im really feel excited. I thought they wont give me any tasked but im glad they still give me some even just 2 :-) better than nothing you know hehe. I am just waiting until my page rank will increased and its okay even they will just give me one tasked per day.

Baby Bedding

We are expecting for a baby this year so I make it sure that after I labor our second baby we need to buy a new Baby Bedding that is good for our two angels. I think Dustin would love it if they share room together. Dustin has his own crib, but we need another baby bedding for our upcoming baby this year so I think we need to plan that in advance so that we don’t need to think about buying it later. I keep searching that online and I came across this website at, they have great selection of baby bedding. I like the pink and brown French toile and polka dot girls baby crib bedding nursery set by jojo. I think it would be a great color if we have a baby girl. Mike and I are really hoping for a baby girl and I always praying that God will blessed us a baby girl but if it’s a boy then its okay we will accept it no matter what because he still a blessing for us. So if you are planning to buy a luxurious baby bedding then this is the right website for you at So hurry and find the best baby bedding for a very affordable price!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Got a new domain...

My 3rd blog about parenting is already a domain now. I buy a domain last 2 days because im hoping that next month my parenting journey is ready to submit to all blog advertising so that i can start earning money with that blog too. Hope that the PR of my parenting blog will increased this next month. Hope so hehe :-) Please dont forget to update my new blog instead of, i change it into So please update my blog to your blogroll. And dont forget to leave comments! That blog is all about me being a parents, wife and a mother, i talk about Dustin also when he was a baby and until he grown up. I wrote some of our travel experiences and happy moments as a family. I gave some tips for potty training and how to wean a kids. So please visit and have a great day!

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone! hows your sunday going? Us here is fine, just getting ready because we will going to shop today for a grocery. Then this afternoon at 1:00pm we will attend Sunday meeting at the Kingdom Hall. My morning is good but i dont have any tasked to do, i think they wont give any tasked now especially that my PR is gone. I will wait until they will give me some opps to do. Right now, Mike is taking shower, Dustin and I are ready to go just waiting for Daddy. So happy blogging everyone and i will still keep update my blog eventhough i dont have any tasked okay? So see yah then! have a great day!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a nice day!

Wow, it was nice day outside, even though its windy but it still warm and sunny. The temperature is 74 degrees and its really good. I hope its always like this, i love this kind of weather. This morning Dustin and I go out walk around the block and pick up the mail. Dustin love to do it every morning. It was really nice day! We are having time walking at the mall and eat dinner at the food court too in the afternoon. Right now, Mike is outside feeding the doggies and me is updating my blog and eating icecream at the same time. hehe :-) happy blogging to all!

A Quick Update...

Since i lost my page rank, its hard to grab tasked now. I dont have any tasked for the day so its kind a sad but thats what it is especially if you lose your page rank. Hope my page rank will come back, i need to work with my content and backlinks so that even i dont have tasked at least after few months i will get my PR back. This morning instead of chasing and waiting for the opps, i just enjoyed myself watching youtube videos, one of the koreanovela title "To marry a millionaire". Its a very good story. The actor is really good looking and the actress did well too. Then in the afternoon when Mike get home from work, we go out and walk at the mall and have dinner in the food court. We let dustin play in the kids playground at the mall and he is having fun. When we went home, dustin is already knock out hehe :-) Im kind a tired but im craving strawberry icecream right now and im so glad because Mike bought me 2 galloon of icecream :-) that was so sweet of him to buy me my favorite icecream!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Call center solution

In the business world you need to have a professional answering service. It really helps a lot to take your business to the next level. In business, we know we have lots of competitions but if we have dynamic and proprietary answering service then you will find the difference and I am sure you will going to meet the variety of different business needs. Talking about Answering Services, have you ever find the call center excellence that specialize in call handling for a wide range of industries? Only Map Communication have everything when it comes to answering services. I just find out when I research it online and came across this website. It really interested me a lot and I think this is a good thing in business. Having a professional answering service is a good thing to have. And you know the best thing is? Map Communications offer a 7 day free trial. No obligation evaluation of their services and no pressure. You can try it and see how it works! They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So if you are interested to try their service then please visit mapcommunication and let them help you to take your business to the next level using their professional answering service.

I lost my page rank!

What happen to my page rank? This morning i just checked it and the PR3 still there but then this afternoon when i check it again i was surprised because it came back to PR0. That was too bad, i think i am not the only one who encounter this matter. I know many bloggers are having this problem. But it doesn't matter anyway, i know that i have more backlinks now and i can still wait until my Page rank will come back and hopefully it will increase more. Im just hoping that i can get more tasked eventhough my page rank is gone. I already earned a lot this month for about $1000 dollars and hopefully i can earned more this next month of May.

Sell your own house at NextPoint Properties

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Customer Service Training Skills

We know that nobody’s perfect especially when it comes to communications either by phone, personal or business. We always make mistakes and sometimes it ends up of misunderstanding. I have problem with that matter that’s why Mike and I have misunderstanding sometimes. Well, maybe its because of our language barrier. I am Filipino and he is American but it doesn’t mean I wont try to make it better. American has different accent than Filipino. I think I need to work with my communication skills using the Marastar ToonUp Cartoons. Maybe it will help me to develop my communication skills using their communication skills training program. I have a friend from Minnesota and she is working as customer service at one of the big company. I told her that maybe she can try this customer service skills training from Marastar, I think she would love it because at Marastar communication skills training they will provide you a video using ToonUp Cartoons. Its easy to learn, you can just watch and enjoy and at the same time you will learn how to be a good customer service and it really develop your communication skills. You will be a good listener and adviser to your customer. Many employees learn customer service skills, sales training tips, human resource help and office professionalism advice though this fun and information communication skills training program. The training materials that they are using includes excitedment to your powerpoint presentations, make emails more effective, add sizzle to intranet sites and enhance your E-learning programs. So this is a really good communication training skills that you can have. And guess what? You can get a free sample of this ToonUp just fill up the form and click the send sample. This is very easy and it really help you to be more effective customer service.

What a nice day!

Good morning everyone! im glad i feel much better now than yesterday. I think i really sleep good last night and when i woke up this morning, i was very happy to see that its sunny and warm outside. I think it would be a nice day this week. Im chasing opps today hehe :-) i only get one tasked but im still hoping to get more this afternoon. We're just done breakfast so while Dustin is in good mood watching his favorite show "Dora2x" then i do my thing here online too. Mike at work and maybe tomorrow he will work also overtime. So we dont have to go out together this week but hopefully this Sunday we can go Meeting and do grocery shopping :-)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Liquid Diet from

Overweight is most people problem nowadays. If you are struggling with your body weight then why not try the liquid diet from They offer a great liquid protein diet like diet shakes, soup and hot drinks. Did you know that liquid diet is more better than the medifast or optifast diet? For all the commercial I’ve seen on TV about how to loss weight, I don’t think it will works that fast. I only believe that liquid diet is the best way for weight loss. This is a great new lifestyle diet and guess what? They also offer a flexible weight loss program, diet program and meal replacement program. Mike is on his diet plan right now and he really like shake and It really works good for him because he already loss 15 pounds of his body weight and im so thankful to know about this liquid diet from So if you are those people who still looking for a weight loss plan then you better check this website, this is your chance to start a new lifestyle diet and loss 20-200 pounds using the liquid diet from

I feel dizzy...

This afternoon when i woke up with an hour nap, i feel really dizzy and my back is really sore. Its already quarter to 5:00pm when i woke up with my nap but im glad when Mike called he told me to just relax and sleep but i cant because i still need to cook our dinner, i dont want to spend money right now for dinner because we have more bills to pay and we still need to save. I cancel my personal book study this afternoon because im not feel good but im still keep doing my tasked. I dont want to miss all the tasked i have. So eventhough i dont feel good im still trying to move and do something because if i just lay down, maybe it will get worst. I still feel dizzy today, my eyes is hurting so maybe i need to take a nap right now while Mike is cleaning the kitchen. So happy blogging everyone!

Loan Calculator

Do you want to calculate on how much loan and mortgage you have this month or year? I found this website at, they calculate the results of your mortgage and loan. You just need to fill up the form provided and see how much is your loan this year. Mike and I have 2 mortgages and I don’t know if Mike already calculate it but I think this is a good thing to know at least we can keep track our mortgage and loan this year. As you can see, at the left side you need to fill up and put how much the purchase price of your mortgage or loan, down payment, mortgage term, interest rate, property tax, property insurance, PMI, first payment date and amortization. After that just click calculate and they will do the rest for you. Isn’t that easy? I told Mike about it and I think he will try if how it works. I still don’t know how much our mortgage and loan this year. So will see the results after we calculate our mortgage and loan. How about you? Want to try this loan calculator and see the total sales of your mortgage and loans? For more information visit

Social Influence Survey

Sometimes i share some of my friends if ever i will have great experience dining in at the restaurants or if i heard new music that i like but not the election. Because i dont vote, Jehovah's witness dont vote so i take this interesting survey from dNeero and wants to share to anyone also. How about you? how could this thing could influence your everyday life? feel free to take this survey and earn at the same time :-)

Connell and Curley Insurance Agency

Mike is the one who has the right to choose what kind of insurance we will going to have because I don’t have any experience of getting any insurance on our family. Way back in the Philippines, we don’t have this kind of thing, well, maybe we have but only those who has business and to those who has a good job. I only know life insurance because my mom has this. But about home insurance and auto insurance, I don’t know much about this thing. Only when I arrived here on States then I found out that you can also get an Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance and Business Insurance. Talking about Insurance have you ever find the insurance you need? I came across this website at, they help more than 1000s of customers in the greater Boston area families, individual and businesses. So many of them from Boston area been successful choosing the right insurance from them with the help of connellcurley.

When I visit their website and makes me interested too but im not from Boston. I have friends from Boston that looking for a good insurance agency and then I remember that maybe I can recommend her this website maybe they can decide which insurance they will going to get. Its really a good feeling every time you can share something about this kind of matter. I told her that they can request an insurance quote also before they will decide to get an Insurance either for Auto, Home, Business or Life. She told me they need to get a commercial insurance. I think they did a right choice of choosing Connell and Curley Insurance Agency to help them to start get their commercial insurance. So if you don’t know connellcurley yet then you better check out their website and read the information about them. You can also watch the video that tells about their Insurance Agency and I am sure you will be happy if you get an Insurance from their Insurance Agency. Visit their website now for more information.

I fall asleep...

Im really tired this afternoon, my eyes is hurting so i decided to take a nap for a few minutes but then when i woke up its already quarter to 5:00pm. Well i think i fall asleep and its takes not only a minute but its an hour. hehe :-) but i still feel tired and heavy. My back is sore and i feel like laying down and not doing anything but i have to get up and cook dinner. Oh wish we have a cook hehe :-)

Trade Show Booths

Have you ever join trade show exhibits? I saw at the mall one time and its kind a interesting because they have this different style and designs for their trade show booth. I wonder where they buy that trade show booths. Did they order it online or they get it somewhere at the store who sell that kind of booth? I research it online right away and I came across this website at camelbackdisplays. And guess what? They have those kind of booths that I like. Camel back displays have every type of trade show displays from table tops to island exhibit, from pop-ups and panel systems to hybrid systems. They have everything you are looking for! You can find the best trade show displays that you need. And if you need a table skirt or cover, they also have different styles and colors for table that is available at their website. So if you don’t want to use the booths to display your products and you rather choose the table then of course you need a table covers to make it look nice and clean. How about the banner stands? Of course you need this stands to show what your products is all about right? And if you want to upgrade your exhibit presentation then you need the Pipe and Drape system from camel back displays. They can print your logo directly on to their fabric. So visit their website now and see what else you need for your upcoming trade show.

World wide link love...

Thanks dexie for passing this tag, i really appreciate it, hope you had great day and i am passing this tag to my fellow bloggers: janet, weng, rosemarie, elaine and joy.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Atlanta construction contractor

Are you from Atlanta? Planning to build a commercial building and looking for a residential construction company with over 37 years of experience as a general contractor, construction manager and design builder in your area? Then no worry because I know a website that can help you with that matter. Try Cowans Construction and Remodeling, Inc. at They have great service ever because they are founded in 1967 as a family owned and operated commercial construction and remodeling company. Their specialties include interior and exterior renovations, commercial remodeling, building commercial office additions, and ground up construction of new commercial buildings. Why choose atlanta construction contractor at Cowans Construction? Because they makes every effort to meet or exceed their customer’s expectations and they want to be the leaders in the construction field for years to come. You can trust with them on that matter and I am sure you will be satisfied with their service. So to those people who lived in Atlanta Area this is your chance to meet the Cowans Construction and let them build your future commercial building.

Cheap prepaid phone card

I don’t call that much in my family in the Philippines because I know it cost too much if I call long distance from them. I don’t want our phone bill will increase because of calling my family. I don’t have work yet and im satisfied on talking with them online. But how about some of my friends in the Philippines? I even don’t call them since 3 months ago. I am not sure what to do but then one of my friend recommend me this website at, where you can get a prepaid phone card to call international destinations including Asia, Middle East and Europe. I visit their website right away and find out that I can get a cheap phone card from them. At least I can call my family in the Philippines without worrying about the phone bill. Phone cards are really great tool to keep in touch with our love ones in a cheap and efficient way. Im so glad to find this website, maybe I can get one so that I can keep in touch with my family and friends in the Philippines. You too! Get a cheap prepaid phone card at and there’s an easy 3 step on buying phone card or calling card online. First you need to choose the best phone card for your calling country. Second, check out and third, get a PIN for phone card and access numbers for the card online and email instantly! Isn’t that easy? So try now, get a cheap phone card and start communicating with your family abroad!

Happy Wednesday!

Its Wednesday again and its nice to start a new day with a great smile. Its not sunny outside as what i expected. Its kind a cloudy and it seems like it will going to rain. Yesterday the wind are blasting, its really windy until nightime. Im glad the wind stop today and hopefully it will be sunny this afternoon. Just done having breakfast with Dustin so its time for me to get online and check if i have some tasked to do.

to be continue...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Structured Settlements

I never been into court before so I don’t know much about structured settlements but if you want to know more about this matter, I found a good information about settlement quotes funding at structured This is a blog where you can find a useful information about structured settlement factoring news. Its kind a interested to learn about this kind of matter, in case I will be in the situation where I need to get a settlement quotes then at least I already know about it. At website, you can get a lump sum of cash for your future settlement payments and they will also provide a free analysis of your structured settlement. And if you want to sell structured settlement payments, they will allow you to do that and you can sell your future payments for a lump sum of money. Isn’t that great? So why not visit their website and get more information about structured settlements? This is absolutely 100% satisfaction guarantee. Nothing will lose if you try it. So get a settlement quotes now at structured

Late Coming Home...

Mike will be late coming home tonight. So that means, we will miss the theocratic school meeting for tonight. I dont feel like going too alone with Dustin. Maybe next week we will attend tuesday meeting and will not miss it again. Its still windy outside, when i go out and pick up the mail with Dustin i noticed that our one trash can is gone and i only see one in our garage. I dont know where it go hehe :-) maybe our neighbor took it. I dont know but will see... we will going to find it. I just done cook our dinner, pick up the dog poop and feeding our dogs. So i check my email right away and im glad they give me another tasked for the day. Im so thankful at least i make another 4 tasked this day. :-) $30 for 4 tasked is not that bad. So hoping that i can get more tomorrow. Im still waiting for mike to come home and im so thankful that Mike's mom call her this afternoon to congratulate us for having another baby. Im so glad that she is happy to hear the good news.

GAF ELK Factory Certified Roofing Contractor

When it comes to building houses, the contractor needs to be professional and have good experience about this matter. We don’t need to let anyone build our house if they don’t have any experience or if they are not certified contractors. In the Philippines, its hard to find a certified contractors, you need to hire many people to build the house and it cost too much because you still need to pay the labor and pay all the equipments. When I arrived here in Colorado, I noticed that many houses are almost the same except those big houses where the owners can decide what kind and style of houses they want to built. Mike house at Silverthorne is a Ranch Style. Simple but elegant inside, and that’s what I like. I think Mike hire a professional contractor to build that house.

Anyway, talking about contractor? Have you already find the certified contractors on your area? When I research it online, I came across this website at is the best and safest choice to Find a GAF ELK Factory Certified Roofing Contractor. Why? Because they have great performance standards and they exclude exceptional warranty protection. Not only that they have best designs and best quality. So you can trust with them on that matter. Their contractor are fully licensed in their state or local area to perform roofing work, adequately insured for your protection, have a proven reputation for providing quality roofing services throughout the community and committed to ongoing professional training to ensure quality installation. They are the best contractor that you could ever find. If you choose them, I am sure you wont ever regret it. So why not try and find the certified contractors at and I am sure you will be satisfied with the results.

3GB Community

I love joining social networking especially if their website has a chatroom and you can upload as many photos you like. Being a member of a social networking is great because you can meet new friends around the world. One of my friend recommended me this website at 3GB Community where you can meet new and old friends, upload photo albums, join groups, blogs chat with other members and guess what? You can also hear the last mp3 hits. Isn’t that great? So why not join 3gb community and be one of them. Start meeting friends and upload your photos at 3gb community.

Windy Afternoon...

Yay, its kind a windy outside, everything is flying around hehe :-) i can even hear the fence moving, the wind is blowing so bad, it seems like we will going to have a storm or something. It sunny outside, blue sky but the wind are getting crazy. I even dont like to go out and water the plants. Well.. maybe Mike can do that when he get home :-)

Im not done cleaning yet, im getting lazy to do something hehe :-) i already cleaned yesterday so i dont need to clean today. Im still thinking what to cook for dinner tonight. Mike will be home late so maybe me and dustin can have dinner together and i will just cook something else for Mike. I thought also that i will not grab any tasked today but im glad triple P is still good because they give me 3 tasked and im happy with that :-)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Car Hire Geneva

Have you ever been to Geneva? I heard that place are amazing, I never been there but hope we can go for a vacation and see the Lake Geneva. They have number of museums too and I would love to visit the Petit Palais. But how could we explore the place of Geneva if we don’t have a car with us right? Well I think they offer a car hire geneva so nothing to worry about. The mini guide to Geneva can help you see the pretty location on the edge of Lake Geneva and some other interesting attractions that most tourists loved. If you go travel to Geneva and need a car to rent? Then you can search it at They can help you find the best car hire you need. And guess what? You can search and compare the cheap car hire at car Isn’t that great? Check their website and compare up to 40 car hire sites now!

Just got Lucky...

Im so lucky this day because i grab 4 tasked. And i made $51.75 for four tasked this morning. Hopefully this afternoon i can grab some more. My connection today is really good, its fast and chasing opps its not hard for me today hehe :-) Now, i will start watching my favorite telenovela at youtube and after that i will start cleaning and take some rest after. I still need to eat some more because Pizza for breakfast is not enough for me hehe. I need to start cooking the pork ribs through crock pot for our dinner tonight. So see yah later fella bloggers, i will be back after im done all these things :-)

Improve your sexual performance

Are you not happy with your sexual performance? Are you having problem with your maleness? Are you thinking of having surgery to make it big? You don’t have to do that surgery anymore or take any pills that it doesn’t work. You just waste your money and effort with that kind of matter. Nowadays, they find solutions to make you happy and satisfied. Have you ever heard penis extender? The penis extender from euroextender is the most effective and this is the first super comfortable penis stretcher available and you can make it for 3 easy payments for only $55 per month. Nothing to lose if you try, I am sure you will be happy and satisfied with the results like the guy who gave the testimonial that instead of feel embarrassed then he can laugh at himself and be happy with the great results. Why not try it then? This is your opportunity to change your life and make your love ones satisfied with your sexual performance.

Web designer's blog

I love visiting a web designer’s blog. It gives me an idea on how to improve my web designs. I am not so good with this kind of matter but when I came across this website at, it makes me interested to read all the contents about web design. Stylishdesign has really great information about web design, this is a blog where you can find a lot of information about search engine optimization, web directories, different tools and softwares, CSS, website templates, etc. You will learn everything if you read the content and understand it. He got a nice template too, I like 3 columns because it gives you so much space when you write a post. Its very neat website and the content is very professional. I don’t know how to use CSS either, im still confuse about this but im glad because they have an information about CSS at least now I know how to use it. The thing it caught my attention so much is the most commented topic about fighting for more PageRank. Nowadays, many bloggers are really want to increase their traffic and also their page rank because we know the higher the page rank the more opportunities you can have especially if you join some blog advertising and paid post. You better check this website at stylish design and learn about web designing.

Were done planted the trees!

Yesterday, Mike and I decided to plant the trees that we bought 3 weeks ago. Its been a long we never planted that trees. Im glad it was a nice day yesterday, its warm and sunny so we glad we made it at least we dont need to think about planting it again hehe :-) Mike do most of the work, because i dont want to do such thing especially now that im pregnant, i only help him to water the plants and get some dirt and put it on the wheel barrow. It was so hot yesterday and i feel very tired and exhausted eventhough i dont do a lot of work. Dustin did good too, he try to help his daddy hehe :-) It was fun and we are looking forward for another sunny day this week.

Free web directories

Do you own a small company or small to medium website? Are you looking for a free web directories to advertise your website and be listed at Dirmania free web directory? Dirmania is one of the strongest free business web directory providing quality free web directory advertising. This can help you to increase your traffic because if you own a small or medium business website then you need to submit it to all free web directory so that everyone will know what your website is all about. At Dirmania website, if you meets their requirements then they will listed your website in maximum of 24 hours. They will help you also to improve your rankings. So what are you waiting for? Submit your website at and select one of the categories.

Im glad its Monday!

Im so glad its Monday now, i can watch my favorite telenovela "Lobo". I cant wait for the next episode but of course im so happy because they are giving me tasked for this day because i got zero tasked yesterday hehe :-) Mike is already at work and today i need to do a lot of things here in the house, need to clean and vacuum. I just need to be careful for cleaning because i dont want my little baby will get hurt. So anyway happy blogging everyone and happy Monday!

Discount Inkjet and Laser Printer Cartridges

Printer is commonly used either for business or personal. Without it we cant print our projects and other paper forms that used for business. I work at the internet café before and we really need Printer because I work as computer typist and I need to print all the documents I am typing. Its so hard especially if you run out of Ink or if the cartridges having problem. So we need to replace it right away because we really need it. My boss always tell me to buy at the store but it takes a lot of time before you can buy an Ink because you need to fight the traffic and you need to fall in line at the cashier too. I was so glad because when I arrived here in Colorado, Mike has his own Printer too and we use the Brother multifunction machines, so if ever we having problem with our printer so we don’t need to go to the store to buy it because its already available online. You can order online with no hassle and you don’t need to fight the traffic. That’s what I like at because they have all the lists of online store that sell ink cartridges and laser toner for deep discounts up to 80% off of retail pricing. You can save a lot if you order online at their website using this 4 merchants who sell and has discounts for Inkjet, including the CarrotInk, 4inkjets, 123inkjets and Inkgrabber. Visit for more Information.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


I just want to say hello to everyone! I dont write any post for today, but i will tomorrow. i dont have any tasked for the day and its okay, I know Sunday is the day where its hard to get some tasked, but im looking forward to grab some opps tomorrow morning hehe :-) Thanks for visiting everyone and hope you find my blog interesting, happy blogging!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle is one of Mike’s passion. He love motorcycle a lot and I do too but I never tried to ride a motorcycle. I was wondering if what company does Mike use for his motorcycle insurance. I don’t know much about this thing because I never has motorcycle before. Having a motorcycle insurance is really important especially nowadays that many people are really love to ride a motorcycle. I heard many accidents too about riding motorcycle. I don’t know how safe you are to ride a motorcycle because one time when we travel around at Mesa we saw an accident which is the car and the motorcycle hit each other and I am sure the driver of that motorcycle really hurt bad. His motorcycle is break into pieces and some parts of the motorcycle are in the river. Well, maybe that owner of that motorcycle has a good motorcycle insurance, maybe he can get one if he survived in the accident.

When it comes to Insurance agency, I know one that I am sure you will like. At, they helped 1000s of customers in the greater Boston area families, individual and businesses to choose the right insurance for them. Their agency been there for more than 40 years, they really good on helping people to find the best insurance that they need. They offer personal insurance, commercial insurance, life insurance, health and disability insurance. If you don’t have a motorcycle insurance yet then you can request a quote from them so that they can help you to get the insurance that fits your needs and budget. You can fill up the insurance forms that they provide at their website, you can either send it to fax or attach to an email and they will do the rest for you. For more information visit their website and learn about insurance from Connell and Curley Insurance Agency.

Saturday rants...

Mike is working today, so me and dustin left here in the house. Im still not done cleaning the house yet because i feel tired and lazy again. I will do that after i let Dustin take a nap. Its almost 3:00pm here so i think its time for Dustin to take a nap and maybe i will take a nap too. Then after few minutes of nap i can continue my cleaning and check email too as well. I dont have so much tasked this day, they only give me 3 but hopefully this afternoon i can get more. Mike will be home early at 4:30pm and i am looking forward to rent a movie title "water horse". I really love to watch that movie. Its kind a interesting :-) Anyway happy blogging everyone! Thanks for visiting!

Real Estate Forms

We have our house For Sale at Silverthorne right now but our real estate agent still working with that so that someone will going to buy our house. But too bad because until now, we still never find a clients that really interested the house. Isn’t that hard to sale the house that 30 minutes away from the city? Well it makes me interested about the website, this is available in Boston area and they provide an innovative approach to selling your home. Wish we live in Boston so that they can help us for this matter.

But anyway, I know many people out there like us who wants to sell their own home profitably and guess what? are there to help you. They offer unsurpassed real estate service and you can save thousands on sale commissions and legal fees. I think this is a good idea, maybe I will tell Mike about this website and maybe if we sell our home with NextPoint Properties then maybe we can save more and if ever someone will be interested to the house then the next point properties will handle all of our legal work for free and even refund our initial fee at closing. That would be great! At least we don’t need to think about paying them too right? This is 100% money back guarantee. So if you are planning to sell your home then try, maybe this is your chance to sell your home with no hassle and worries. They will absolutely assist you to sell your home and guess what? They will offer more value than discounted real estate companies, legal services and flat fee MLS listing services. The real estate forms that you can get from them can help you to start. You better check their website and find out more about nextpointproperties.

Car Repair

When you having problem with your car whom you going to call when it comes to this matter? Of course we contact the car repair company right away to fix it right? If you don’t have any experience on fixing car then you don’t have a chance to do it with yourself alone. You need someone to help you so that you can fix the problem with your car. Mike have a little experience on fixing cars especially if its just small things like the breaks problem but when it comes to minor collisions and minor fender benders, then he dont know how to fix it, he will absolutely call a car repair company to fix the car.

I keep searching that online about fixing cars or getting rid of dents on the car and get it for a very affordable rates. The one you can contact when it comes to these, either they can come to your home and help you fix it or to your office. I came across this website at, they are specializes in repairing cars and trucks which have had minor collisions and minor fender benders. They have highly trained, certified automotive technicians. Is it a great service right? Just one call to them they can repair and paint your vehicle right at your home or office. Do you know that you can get a big benefits from these? From hiring them you can save time and money. Wish we know their service before so that we don’t need to spend a lot for repairing our car especially that time when our truck get scratch and has dent with it on the side. So if you need a car repair then is there to help you, why not try it and see how they can help you fixing your car.

Just done watching "Lovers"

This morning i just done watching the whole episode of the best koreanovela title "Lovers". I was very touched on this movie, the story is well done. It makes me cry so much hehe :-) Im just too sensitive especially when i watch movie like this that its all about Love, family and relationship. But i like it a lot.. im glad the ending is good, they really prove that they love each other no matter what happen. I am looking forward to watch it again but in "Tagalog" version of course hehe :-)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Burton Snowboards

I love outdoor sports but i never had a chance to do snowboaring. It seems like its fun but Mike dont like cold weather and so am I. But every winter i saw many couples and family go to a ski resort to do snowboarding. All ski resort are all packed and crowded. Wish we can try snowboarding someday. Anyway talking about snowboarding. Did you already find a snowboard gear online? How about the snowboard gear products from Burton? I like Burton a lot because they been a leading manufacturer of snowboard gear since the beginning. Burton snowboards is the world’s first snowboard factory and they are dedicated to created the best snowboarding equipment on the planet. The quality is very durable and it last long time, you can count on them for winter season and its really good especially if you love outdoor sports like snowboarding. So if you are into this type of sports then is the right ski and board shop for you. They lower the price this time so hurry and shop your snowboard gear from Burton Products.

10 Reasons why I blog?

i got tagged by Lizeth, thanks for passing this tag to me, i really appreciate it.

So here are the 10 reasons why i blog:

1. i can share the interesting/adventure moment happen in my life.
2. I can post some photos of me, mike and especially my little one dustin.
3. To improve my writing skills and english.
4. Its like a diary you know.. it remembers you everything if you write on your blog than in the paper. Its easy to access and read, everyone can understand it because its not hand written.
5. Blogging is interesting, and i want to learn more about blogging.
6. To earn and meet new friends online.
7. I want to express myself through my writing.
8. Blogging is fun because you learn how to work with the traffic and let your viewers leave their comments and say what they think about what you write.
9. You can write everything you want without no one telling you what to do and write.
10. You can learn, you can earn, you can met friends and its a good source of income though. hehe :-)

i'm tagging the following: Janet, Rosemarie, Laradee, Joy and Weng.

Improve your communication skills...

Do you want to improve your communication skills and learn more about it? I am not good in my communication skills sometimes I am having problem communication others because of language barrier. My English is not that perfect but I try to understand what people say and tell about me. When someone call me on the phone, sometimes it bothers me a lot because there’s some words that I cant understand, I need to ask them again for confirmation and im glad they tell me again what they want to say for the second time.

Are you having problem like that too? Well in communication, you need to listen and understand every details of it so that you wont end up having problem for misunderstanding the conversation. Training is a good thing too to improve your communication skills. If you are working at the customer service telephone then you need to learn how to be an effective, motivated worker that know how to communicate well to your customers. I found this, they produces and distributes animated software products designed to train, motivate and communicate with employees. They are using ToonUp Cartoons to train how to be an effective customer service. Isn’t that fun if you just see a cartoons video who do the right communication so that you can learn more and it gives you more ideas on how to improve your own communication skills? I love watching cartoons and to learn about communication skills is a good thing, I really need to work with it or else I will always be the same.

What marastar website can offer? They created a fun and engaging Animated Sales Training and Customer Service videos called the ToonUps. They offer different kind of topics including the customer service topics, sales training topics, human resources, office professionalism and motivation and recognition topics. So if you are interested to learn more and to improve your communication skills then visit marastar and see how fun and exciting it is to watch the videos and at the same time you can learned a lot from them.

K2 Inline Skating

I love skates but I never tried to skates using roller blades. Way back in the Philippines, me and my friends go to skating rink just to skate and have fun but when I moved here in Colorado, I never had a chance to skate and I don’t know if I still know how to skate or not. My husband has 2 skates here in the house. The other one is from Kyle and for him, I want to try it but its too big for me. Well, maybe I need to buy a K2 Inline Skates that could probably fit me. I like the modern style skates, so Im very glad when I came across this website at They have 2 different kind of Inline Skating including the fitness/rec skates and aggressive skates, you can either choose one of them. You can also get a protective gear at modern skates. This is really a good website to shop online especially when it comes to Skates. So if you are planning to buy Skates then modern skates is the right website for you.

Connection Problem...

Yesterday i was so worried because my connection is gone and i dont know what happen, im just watching youtube videos then suddenly the connection is off. Im trying to figure it out how to get the connection back so i unplug my modem and restart my computer but it still the same. Too bad i cant continue watching my favorite koreanovela "Lovers". But it takes about an hour before the connection back and im happy because everything is okay after 1 hour. So i continue watching the video and checking my mail too.

Myspace Layouts

When creating a profile at myspace or even at friendster, you still need to find a nice layouts that fits on your profile. There are many of them on the web but there's only one website that i would love to share to those who has myspace profile and looking for a cool Myspace Layouts.

When i research online about layouts i came across this website at They have all cool layouts for your myspace profile. You can choose either girly style, retro or cute style layouts. If you are such a sporty kind of person you can get a sport layouts from myspacemaster. Just like me i love anime, i love arts also so i will going to choose the layouts that fits my style. Im a kind picky on choosing layouts though, it takes me long time to choose which one is the best. Myspacemaster have great layouts that you can choose. There’s many of them to choose! How about you? Did you already find a cool Myspace Layouts? Then if not yet, then is the right website for you. Hurry and find your favorite Myspace layouts now!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just got a call...

A toll free number always calling us since last month. Its the same number, i dont know but everytime i answer, I only hear electronic voice, so i always hang up and never answer it again. But they always calling us. This morning i receive a toll free call again but i didn't answer but at the second ring, i thought it was the toll free again but its not. Its from Renee my book study instructor. She told me that she's back from Washington and she ask me if i feel better so that we can have personal bible study this afternoon at 1:00pm. I say yes of course because i feel better now and its been a long time i never seen her. So its nice to see her back and im looking forward for our group bible study tonight because we will going to have our threat night where everyone can bring some threats and share to everyone, just like a group threat night party :-)

Ron Bongo

Do you want to know who Is a leading executive in the open source software industry? He is Ron Bongo, the CEO of Corra Technology. If you want to know more about him then you better check our his website and you can share your opinions also about this industry matter. At Ron Bongo website, he provide an open source blog designed to share ideas, information and questions about Open Source Projects. So if you work in the Industry then this is your chance to share your ideas at Ron Bongo. Visit now and let anyone heard your opinions and ideas.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Get discount and promotional deals at Cyber Monday

Way back in the Philippines, I didn’t know about shopping online because even I am working at the internet café I don’t have enough cash to shop online or even to go to the mall and buy something. My salary is enough for my family and pay our bills. I only buy something if I get my salary or if I have enough money to spend. It changed so much when I came here on States. Mike is working and while im at home with our son, I keep myself busy online. I do research and read some interesting news and articles. I visit some other blogs and other interesting website. And im starting to learn about shopping online. Of course I don’t shop online that time because I was thinking maybe its too expensive and maybe I cant still afford. Before I decide to shop online I need to tell Mike first and ask him if its okay, then if he agree then that’s the time I can shop online but of course I want to saved every time I shop online. I like to shop for handbags, clothes and shoes. The best thing is, when I came across this website at Cyber Monday they makes me interested to shop more online because they provide with an easy to use web interface to access all of the 2008 Cyber Monday ads, discounts, promotional deals and cyber Monday coupons. They also have thanksgiving sale too. I need to get coupons and discounts for all my favorite merchants like Wallmart, Best Buy, Circuit City, Office Depot and more. Next time when I shop online at least I can save more and I don’t need to spend so much. And if you want to receive an email alerts to let you know when new cyber Monday sales have been posted then they can do that for you. The website is easy to access and it’s a consumer friendly site. So if you are interested to get a discount and save for your next shopping then Cyber Monday is the right website for you.

Got busy...

I got busy this afternoon because im watching koreanovela in the whole afternoon title "Lovers". I never had a chance to update all my blogs. This morning they never give me more tasked, i only grab 1 tasked this morning and 1 for tonight. But its okay, i know many bloggers are looking forward to grab more tasked like me. Its already 10:00pm here and i think i need to grab some snack before go to bed. Im starting to get hungry again hehe :-)

Best Online Coupons

Did you visit Best Online Coupons already? Did you find the coupons that you need for your next shopping so that you can save more? Best Online Coupons have comprehensive selection of online coupons for each of hundreds of merchants and feature coupons and coupon codes for Best Buy, Dell, eBags, Circuit City, Target, Expedia, and a lot more! Coupon code can help you save a lot especially if you go for a vacation. At Expedia you can save more if you have a coupon from best online coupons. Nowadays, traveling is very expensive, you need to have enough budget so that you can enjoy your vacation together with your family and love ones. But at least if you have coupons, it’s a big change already, you can save for your hotel and get the best discount hotel deals for StayBridge Suites, Super 8 Motels, Marriot, Sheraton, Hyatt, Best Western, Howard Johnson and Amerihost Inn. I think thats a good thing to do to get a coupon for all our favorite merchants. So that next time if we go travel or go shopping then we can saved more. How about you? Do you want to save also for your next shopping and vacation? Then hurry and visit and find the coupons that you need.

Start your new day with a smile!

Its Wednesday already, time to do my thing online but first i need to cook and eat breakfast with Dustin, we woke up late together its already quarter to 9:00am here. Mike is too early at work, he woke up at 5:30am and go to work at 6:30am. Well... im glad the dogs are all okay, i dont need to let them out this time because its raining outside. Dustin is done eating his breakfast and me im still waiting for my Rice to cook and i need to fry my tilapia for breakfast. Im not so hungry yet but in a minute i will eat already hehe :-) what's your breakfast fellow bloggers? Start your day with a smile! happy blogging to all!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Space and Garages in London

I never been in London before but I would love to visit their someday. I heard that London is a very interesting City and I have a friend whom I meet online live there. Anyway, talking about London, I was wondering if there is a parking spaces and garages in London that is available? Well, maybe yes because I search it online and I came across this website at They have all the list of the available parking spaces and Garages in London for a very affordable price. You can apply for space for only £115 above per month. What parket do? Well, they are the UK’s largest agent for parking spaces and garages. They are trusted service when it comes to that matter because they put the customer service first before anything and you will get a very highly satisfaction with the space and garages you are looking for. With the help of their agent, you can find it easier and faster by contacting them and let them do the rest. They contact every new customer by phone and the good thing is you can always expect clear communication, honest advice and professional staff at Parklet. So if you need to find a space or garage then Parklet is the right website for you, please contact one of their agent and see how they can help you find the parking space and garages.

Fine Art Storage

To those who never heard about Mind’s Eye. This is a website that offer an art moving and storage. So in case you are planning to move all your paintings and any kinds of art and crafts, you can contact them and let them do the rest. They can help you to make your moving easier and faster without breaking or damaged to all your stuff. Here are the States where their Art Moving Service are available including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Ohio and a lot more. Art moving is not easy I think, but if there is a professional art moving company that can help you for all this things likes Mind’s Eye then why not right? As long you don’t need to pay a lot for the art moving service. The most interesting part I like at their service is that they use the most innovative art protection techniques and protocols possible to ensure that your fine art will stay in its original on its long journey. You can trust them that all your Fine Art Storage will be safe and there is no damaged for one of them. For more information visit and see what else they can offer to you for your find art moving.

We missed the meeting tonight...

Mike and I dont feel like going to the meeting tonight. Im still feel lazy though but hopefully we can go tomorrow for group bible study. We love to hear the discussion about the book of revelation. Its very interesting discussion that makes me think a lot about the future. But this time we both not feel better, Mike is really tired because he dont have enough sleep yesterday, he has a headache too and i dont want to leave him alone here in the house while he is not feel good. Its hard to handle Dustin if he is with me. So will see tomorrow hopefully we can go :-)

Shopping Comparison Site

Love to shop online especially for computers and any kinds of electronics stuff? Want to compare all the prices before you decide which one can meet your budget and your needs? I found this website at digxa they offer a very affordable prices for everything you need from home and garden, computers, clothes, kids and toys, electronics, jewelry and more. You can shop by brand from Logitech, Microsoft, Nikon, Nokia, Palm, Panasonic, Puma, etc. I love to shop online especially when it comes to handbags and clothes and when I came across this website it makes me interested to shop online using their website. The thing I like is they let me compare the prices before deciding which one is the right for me. I love the comparison shopping site they have, you better check it out and see what im talking about. Dig for the best price now at!

I feel lazy...

Since this morning i am really feel lazy to do cleaning in the house, i dont feel like doing anything except watching TV, using computer, eat and take a rest. I didn't clean the house in the morning, i told Mike maybe i can do it in the afternoon if i dont feel lazy and tired. He asked me why i am lazy this past few days. Well... he knows the answer, i think this is the way it is especially when you are pregnant.

Savings Account

Are you looking for a free online banking with free electronic statements? I found WaMu website that offers this kind of thing and guess what? If you want to save and see your money grow then you can use their Savings Account. Why? Because when you apply online, you can start with only $1.00 and apply in about 7 minutes. Its very easy because they have easy access to funds by ATM too, its very convenient online management with electronic statements and Personal Online Banking. They have great features because online banking is very convenient, easy and very secure. They use advance technology designed to safeguard your information and if you visit their website you can view the demo and I am sure you will be satisfied with their online banking. Do you think this is the best easy way to manage your money? Of course! It really helps a lot especially if you still looking for a good banking online. The good thing is you can even pay bills online using WaMu online banking. This is absolutely free, you don’t need to pay a penny to sign up. You can maintain a minimum balance of $300.00 each day of the monthly statement cycle and no monthly service charge when you open online Savings Account. So what are you waiting for? Apply now online and try WaMu for your free online banking.

How Jealous am i?

I grab this tag from Janet and its kind a interesting to answer this quiz. I am very curious on how jealous i am, so here is the result!

You Are 37% Jealous

You're occasionally jealous, but you wouldn't be human if you weren't

You keep your jealousy under control. You accept it, deal with it, and move on.

In fact, most people would be surprised to know that there's a jealous bone in your body.

So congratulate yourself for keeping your emotional impulses under control!

Im so happy with the results because i am not such a jealous type of person. Jealousy is not a good personality. I feel jealous occasionally, it depends on the situation of course. Yeah they are right, i can control my jealousy of course hehe :-)


Wow, I been dreaming of having a modern leather sofa sectionals here in the house. I don’t know if we can buy a new one because we run out of budget for this year but hopefully next year. Our dogs ruined our couch and maybe we need to get a new one online at I found a very great leather sofa sectionals there and any kind of furniture from bedroom furniture, home office furniture and more. You better check their website and you’ll see how great the designed of their furniture is. The thing that i like that most at their website is that they provide photos of their amazing furniture and most of them are my favorite. They offer an amazing selection of microfiber sectionals, leather and sleeper sectionals. All their furniture are hard to resist! If you are looking for a best quality sectional sofas at the best possible price then is the right website for you. So, hurry and visit their website now!

Good Morning Poem

Good morning to everyone! Its Tuesday and it was nice day outside. Before i start my morning let me give you a nice good morning poem to cheer all you up my fellow bloggers.
Good morning my friend
It's a new day
I hope things get better
For this I did pray
May all of your problems
Be out on their way
On this bright morning
That starts this new day!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Cash Advance

Nowadays, only Cash Advance is the fastest way to get the money you need especially when it comes to financial matter. When people encounter financial problem, cash advance is most of the people choice. Mike and I are planning to get a cash advance in case we run out of budget to pay our bills next month. We have lot of bills to pay and I think Cash Advance is the only solutions with our problem. Online Cash Advance at is one of our choices. This is more easier and faster with no hassle, you can do it in the comfort of your home. It can be acquired in minutes without leaving your home! There are many cash advance website online and its hard to choose one of them. But maybe we will stick to horizon cash advance because one of our friend try it already and we know that their online cash advance is really works. For more information you can contact and see how they can help you to get the cash advance you need.

Midnight Snack...

Its 10:00pm at night here, everyone is sleeping but me still awake. Im still talking with my sister from the Philippines. And while talking with her, im having some snack for the night. I love having midnight snack too. It always bothers me a lot especially when i am sleeping at night because my tummy wakes me up all the time. I always feel hungry every 2 to 3 hours. I get another pregnancy test yesterday and its very clear that the pregnancy test said its "positive". Mike get an appointment for me this coming April 23 and 30 for my prenatal check up and Dustin appointment is this coming May 14 for his vaccination. We are both happy for the results and we are hoping to have a baby girl someday, if its a boy its okay lang, of course we will accept it because he is a blessing for us from God.

Dog Sofa at

Having 4 dogs in the house is very overwhelming because I never had any dogs or pets before when I was in the Philippines. Mike love Dogs a lot and he is such a dog lover. We have 2 English Mastiff, a Pitbull and a Jackrussel terrier. We have a big family here! Our dogs is part of our family and we love them so much. When it comes to big dogs, we always looking for a big dog sofa, big bowls and big kennel for them. Its hard to find it in the store and I rather love to shop online instead of driving and fight the traffic. We have 2 big sofa here in the house and the other sofa we gave it to our dog so that they can lay down there while were watching TV. One dog is enough to fit there that’s why we need to buy another one for Princess (female mastiff). Im glad I came across this website at because they have everything we need for our pets especially for our dogs. So to all those dog lovers out there, shop online at fetch dog and get your dog a very nice dog sofa or luxury beds for your fashionable and pampered dog.

Monday rants...

We just done eating our dinner. We had pasta for tonight. I think i eat a lot, im really full today i cant hardly breath hehe :-) After our dinner, i checked my smorty account right away and i was so happy because they give me tasked for the day. Its been 3 days i never had tasked from them but im glad they give me one today. Mike is really tired so he is on our bedroom taking rest and after he take a nap we need to pay our mortgage because its already past due. Hopefully we can pay all our bills and be debt free for this year. I keep on praying that someone will going to buy our house in Silverthorne because we cant afford anymore to pay 2 mortgage in one time.


My friend birthday is coming and im still thinking what to give to her as a gift. Well, I know she likes flower and that makes her feel very special. I do love flowers also because every time Mike and I have misunderstanding or if there is a time that I feel upset. Mike knows right away how to make me feel better. He always surprised me with pretty flowers. When it comes to buy flowers online, there is only website I will absolutely recommend and that is 1800flowers. Why? Because their flowers collection are always the best, they have great hand-delivered florist designed arrangements and their flower are fresh from the growers flowers. If you order online they will shipped by FedEx, UPS or DHL. I like roses the most and I think my friend would love it too, when I visit 1800flowers, they have the multicolored roses available and guess what? If I buy 12 I can get 6 for free! And the price is very affordable! I can get it for only $34.99 and I will keep the rest of course and put it on my pretty flower vase in our living room. So if you are looking for a perfect gift to your love ones, friends and partners then 1800flowers is the right website for you. They can help you also to find the perfect gift you are looking for. Hurry and order online now!