Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Windy Afternoon...

Yay, its kind a windy outside, everything is flying around hehe :-) i can even hear the fence moving, the wind is blowing so bad, it seems like we will going to have a storm or something. It sunny outside, blue sky but the wind are getting crazy. I even dont like to go out and water the plants. Well.. maybe Mike can do that when he get home :-)

Im not done cleaning yet, im getting lazy to do something hehe :-) i already cleaned yesterday so i dont need to clean today. Im still thinking what to cook for dinner tonight. Mike will be home late so maybe me and dustin can have dinner together and i will just cook something else for Mike. I thought also that i will not grab any tasked today but im glad triple P is still good because they give me 3 tasked and im happy with that :-)

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