Thursday, April 24, 2008

I feel really weak today...

Yesterday after my check up and interview with my nurse, they let me go to the other building and get a blood draw for HIV blood test. It takes long time to get done, it seems like they get a lot of blood on me that time. They need to fill up the 5 bottles and i feel like i cant make it anymore. My blood flow is very slow because i dont drink too much water on that day. I feel very uncomfortable on that day, my 2 arms is really sore and i feel really weak after they draw my blood. Im not used to it to this kind of things, when i have my blood test before at the Philippine Embassy when im working with all my papers, they didn't get lots of blood, they only fill up 1 bottle. Not like yesterday they need to fill up the 5 bottles, Mike is really mad, if they ask to get another blood test on me, then Mike will say No, if its not really important then why not get another blood test right? Right now i feel very weak, and i feel like im going to have a fever. I feel terrible :-(

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