Monday, April 14, 2008

Web designer's blog

I love visiting a web designer’s blog. It gives me an idea on how to improve my web designs. I am not so good with this kind of matter but when I came across this website at, it makes me interested to read all the contents about web design. Stylishdesign has really great information about web design, this is a blog where you can find a lot of information about search engine optimization, web directories, different tools and softwares, CSS, website templates, etc. You will learn everything if you read the content and understand it. He got a nice template too, I like 3 columns because it gives you so much space when you write a post. Its very neat website and the content is very professional. I don’t know how to use CSS either, im still confuse about this but im glad because they have an information about CSS at least now I know how to use it. The thing it caught my attention so much is the most commented topic about fighting for more PageRank. Nowadays, many bloggers are really want to increase their traffic and also their page rank because we know the higher the page rank the more opportunities you can have especially if you join some blog advertising and paid post. You better check this website at stylish design and learn about web designing.

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