Sunday, April 20, 2008

Got a new domain...

My 3rd blog about parenting is already a domain now. I buy a domain last 2 days because im hoping that next month my parenting journey is ready to submit to all blog advertising so that i can start earning money with that blog too. Hope that the PR of my parenting blog will increased this next month. Hope so hehe :-) Please dont forget to update my new blog instead of, i change it into So please update my blog to your blogroll. And dont forget to leave comments! That blog is all about me being a parents, wife and a mother, i talk about Dustin also when he was a baby and until he grown up. I wrote some of our travel experiences and happy moments as a family. I gave some tips for potty training and how to wean a kids. So please visit and have a great day!

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My Daily Thoughts said...

Hi Famikey, congrats to your new domain..