Friday, April 18, 2008

Customer Service Training Skills

We know that nobody’s perfect especially when it comes to communications either by phone, personal or business. We always make mistakes and sometimes it ends up of misunderstanding. I have problem with that matter that’s why Mike and I have misunderstanding sometimes. Well, maybe its because of our language barrier. I am Filipino and he is American but it doesn’t mean I wont try to make it better. American has different accent than Filipino. I think I need to work with my communication skills using the Marastar ToonUp Cartoons. Maybe it will help me to develop my communication skills using their communication skills training program. I have a friend from Minnesota and she is working as customer service at one of the big company. I told her that maybe she can try this customer service skills training from Marastar, I think she would love it because at Marastar communication skills training they will provide you a video using ToonUp Cartoons. Its easy to learn, you can just watch and enjoy and at the same time you will learn how to be a good customer service and it really develop your communication skills. You will be a good listener and adviser to your customer. Many employees learn customer service skills, sales training tips, human resource help and office professionalism advice though this fun and information communication skills training program. The training materials that they are using includes excitedment to your powerpoint presentations, make emails more effective, add sizzle to intranet sites and enhance your E-learning programs. So this is a really good communication training skills that you can have. And guess what? You can get a free sample of this ToonUp just fill up the form and click the send sample. This is very easy and it really help you to be more effective customer service.

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